Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 13: John Dee, Ra & the Welsh


On July 13th 1527, the noted magician & astronomer, who studied at Cambridge, John Dee, was born. John Dee made quite a name for himself and his reputation was considered outstanding. He was a brilliant man who was accredited for being a Mathematician, Astronomer, Astrologer, Imperialist, Occult Philospher, Diviner and so much more. John Dee lived his life somewhere between Science and the world of Magic.

john-dee-performing-large_trans  ddwh97eikQvOOrPOIREzrZaBiQuL96KpZBgqRt_SU5UHe served the court of, Queen Elizabeth I, as a consultant, and used his position to create the largest personal library in all the world.

John Dee spent his entire life studying the Occult and Magic. While many tried to murder him for being of the devil, Queen Elizabeth I, made sure that their wishes of execution never happened. While no one could burn him alive while the Queen lived, after her death in 1603, John Dee was instead forced to die as a pauper five years later in his home at Mortlake, after being shunned by James I, the Queen’s successor.  He at least was able to shut his eyes one final time among the many books and literary wonders he had spent his entire life collecting.


According to Ancient Egypt, Ra, their Sun God, was born on this day.


And once the sun went down (as Ra bid his good-byes) the Welsh would have been having a feast, marking their calendars for Gwyl o Cerridwen–in honor of their Goddess Cerridwen, who stood for fertility. She was a triple Goddess–representing maiden, mother, and crone.