Pagan Holiday for April 20, 2010


Ok, today’s Numerology number is 9.

Nine is the number of the universe and of Vision. It represents spiritual ideals, philosophy and perfections. It is linked with Mars and therefore is connected to the signs of Aries and Scorpio. The colors of Nine are all shades of red.


In Ancient times, the Babylonians would be having a festival for Dumizi. For six months of every year Dumizi, their God, would leave the world above for the Underworld in order to be with his lover Inanna. Today, however, their religion speaks that he rises again to the Living World above, bringing with him the glorious summer.


Interesting isn’t it? In other myths that came later in the ages, it was a Goddess who went into the Underworld to be with her male lover. For example, Persephone and Hades. But in this earlier belief system, it was a male god.


Here’s hoping you have enjoyed today’s Pagan Holiday and History lesson…



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