Reader Looking For Some Paranormal Opinions

Recently, Peter Signorelli, posted to The Pagan & Pen Facebook Page hoping for Viewer opinions concerning a Paranormal Phenomena he has experienced.  Below, I have posted his pictures and pasted his own words. Please comment if you have opinions, suggestions or replies.


Peter Signorelli, : Would be curious what you all make of this photo. Some background: this is on the lower shelf of a night table about 3 inches from the bed. The imprint is in dust and the lighter was placed there by me for scale. This (whatever it is) is only a few inches by a few inches. Please observe and think about what an actual imprint of a human "foot" would look like …notice the "big toe". This stayed for several months and never collected dust…except for around it.



He asked that we post this picture for comparison…..




3 thoughts on “Reader Looking For Some Paranormal Opinions”

  1. Thanks for posting. I’m looking forward to hearing some feedback. There was a lot of activity in this house…for a period of about 3 years…this was one of stranger ones and one I could document. BTW, I should have mentioned about the “big toe” it looks like there is a thumbnail? Thanks again for posting and I look forward to any feedback.

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    1. Also posted it to two very popular Paranormal articles we have here and our new Facebook Group. I’ll keep bumping or re-creating the post in the Group since I just created it and people are just learning about it to join.

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  2. I should have noted that the bic lighter is a mini one (2 1/2 inches in length). I did have a medium tell me what she thought of this imprint but was hoping to see some commentary before tainting reactions…


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