I would have been about fourteen the first time it happened – an experience not of my seeking where a troubled spirit decided she needed to speak through me. My mother gave me a pen and some blank paper and suggested automatic writing as a way of dealing with it. I had a crazy weekend, as Hariet (one r) vented her pain, and then she went away, leaving me feeling rather odd and washed out.

I didn’t actively seek anything like that kind of experience for a long time. There were other incidents when, under stress, things that were not me would slip in – benevolent presences, thankfully.

Then in a planned ritual some years ago, my working group – most of them less experienced than I, sought to channel something through me. I don’t remember much of it. Apparently the first thing I said was ‘I come from between fire and ice’ so perhaps it was a Jotun. It was big, heavy, slow, and it took me days to get over it. A strange experience for me.

It’ something I appear to be quite good at. I’ve not explored it much because I need a working partner where there’s enough trust, mutual understanding and shared inclination to make it really work. But I have channelled on a few occasions… opened myself to deities, male and female, to a fox spirit, land spirits. It works best when there is genuine need.

It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing experience. Channelling is about relationship and communication, opening up to specific energies. I don’t recommend playing at it, or opening and seeing what you get. I suppose it’s a bit like sex – works better where there is trust and familiarity. It is a soul-naked kind of intimacy, and to be taken by force, without your consent is not unlike rape. Have someone to watch your back, who is strong enough to call you home no matter what happens. Go a little way at first, explore, reach out, don’t give entirely of yourself unless the trust is there, and the confidence. It is not a game to play or a thing to do lightly. If it happens to you, that’s one thing, and it becomes necessary to deal with it. Seeking it for the buzz of encountering something occult is dangerous, and the odds of getting a friendly encounter are slim. Be sure of your motives, and do not force yourself upon the world of spirit, not unless you want it to treat you in kind.

Shadow Spider, Astral Spider Lore

Is it spiritual? Is it symbolic? The Shadow Spiders, also called Astral Spiders, and the lore surrounding them.

To take a look at the lore or beliefs that Ancient Cultures might of had, we have to focus more on Spiders themselves, what they are good at and what comes of it.

They are known to make webs, spinners and spinning itself is linked to the fates.

There is a story about the Athene (a Goddess) who became very jealous over a maiden named Arachne. Out of that jealousy, Athene turned Arachne into a spider. Who was Arachne? She was actually said to be a mortal who had a mind blowing skill of weaving. Later stories make her out to be boastful which was her downfall. Although, earlier ones say nothing concerning this, only that certain Goddess’s such as Athene and Minerva became very jealous of a mortal having such skills. Arachne was put through challenges and contests, each she won hands down. Her victory though became her end (or was it) as Athene turned her into a spider.  In later writings, Arachne’s skills were reduced to something less than Athene. Apparently as a mortal, her skill proceeded the Goddess in charge. It was only after that the priests of Athene rewrote her stories and she became something of a villain or a lesson not to outshine those of power.

After Arachne was turned into a spider, she was showed beside Athene and viewed as nothing more than a tool but a tool that always sat at the hub of the wheel of fate. It was still believed, especially by medieval writers that Minerva was the source to Arachne’s gift. It was Minerva who gave spiders the ability to spin webs that could foresee the future and of the fates. That’s what Arachne became known for, spinning the web of fate. And from those webs, which each of us had, the future could be foreseen. Later on, Arachne would not only be seen as a spider but one of the three fates themselves, women.

Now in Hindu beliefs, Maya was the spinner of webs. Her webs would be of magic and fate of course but also earthly appearances. The spider was the same if not another version of the Wheel of Fate, known in other cultures and in art. A Goddess was shown with the wheel and a spider would be sitting somewhere in the picture along with her.

We know some spiders devour their mates and this was also known in the Ancient World. This to them represented the destructive side of the Goddess since the Goddess, represented the creator and destroyer. She would destroy only to recreate again, rebirth and so on.

According to the Aztecs, spiders were the souls of women and they said that these women would come down from their ‘heaven’ by silk threads (the web) and would devour all of the men of earth. They were kind of like Valkyries (Norse).

In other lore, Odin’s horse was not what we think of a horse but a gigantic Spider, gray. It represented his fate or fate itself.

Man represented the fly caught in the web,(fate, destiny and so forth). The spider represented the Goddess. ‘May the Goddess eat the fly and give unto him new life.’ So in truth, it became just a part of death and then a journey into the new.

Greek lore…three women of the fates:

  • Clotho (pronounced in English IPA: /ˈkloʊθoʊ]/, Greek Κλωθώ IPA: [klɔːˈtʰɔː] – “spinner”) spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle. Her Roman equivalent was Nona, (the ‘Ninth’), who was originally a goddess called upon in the ninth month of pregnancy.
  • Lachesis (/ˈlækəsɪs/, Greek Λάχεσις [ˈlɑkʰesis] – “allotter” or drawer of lots) measured the thread of life allotted to each person with her measuring rod. Her Roman equivalent was Decima (the ‘Tenth’).
  • Atropos (/ˈætrəpɒs/, Greek Ἄτροπος [ˈɑtropos] – “inexorable” or “inevitable”, literally “unturning”,[4] sometimes called Aisa) was the cutter of the thread of life. She chose the manner and timing of each person’s death. When she cut the thread with “her abhorrèd shears”, someone on Earth died. Her Roman equivalent was Morta (‘Death’). –Wikipedia

Remember, one of those names in Greek lore concerning the 3 fates was Arachne. So one of the names above is indeed linked to her.

So, in summary but without end, spiders seem to be linked with the Goddess, some Gods, the Wheel of Fate, spinning, weaving, each individual human, the world, creations and creation.

Now, here is a picture of the Wheel of Fate:


Now lets look at a web…


Notice the main lines which always seem to be straight. Then you have the curved lines, connecting the straight ones. So, is it possible that the web is indeed connected with the Wheel of Fate? If you go by mythology, it is.

Look at a dream catcher…



Dream Catchers are getting more Celtic in design with their curved features but, an actual dream catcher was not so curved. It looked like an actual web. The purpose of the web was to catch negativity so that no harm would come to the sleeper. It would trap bad dreams and let the good ones flow through.

See the hole in the center? That’s where the good dreams would flow through.

I suggest you take a look at a show that has been airing on the History Channel. This week is called Armageddon week and even though I don’t buy into the whole ‘end of the world scenario’, in fact I don’t even believe that’s what prophecies are trying to convince us of, there is one very interesting show that I watched last night concerning Nostradamus and his Lost Books. There were drawings he did and in quite a few, there was the wheel of fate.  A man is indeed the wheel of fate.

Now they do show it on the show, so if you can catch it, go right ahead. The people or experts trying to decipher the code focused on the book, claiming it could be the book of life and the fact that it was empty whereas in the other pictures it was not, and then the wheel of fate above, means it could be the end. However, I see this differently. I see it as being a new era, age where as life begins again. The pages are blank only because we are starting something new.

Interesting stuff, check it out. They discuss Hopi prophecy and so forth which also says, some of us will go on into this new age while others do not.

For further reading concerning lore…

You can check out the Grandmother Spider lore that the American Indians believe in. This is the most common lore that is out there though so I didn’t really discuss it here. I will probably do another article concerning spiders and the wheel of fate so stay tuned for that one. This one is getting pretty long to read so I am going to give your eyes a break lol.

Resources used:
The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths & Secrets, Barbara G. Walker
The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Witches Second Edition, Guiley
The Witch Book (Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca and Neopaganism, Buckland

Hynagogia & Shadow People: Round Two

A little bit more on Hypnagogia –I wanted to comment on some of the information out there.

In the period of waking up or falling asleep sufferers of hypnogogia feel awake in the mind but paralyzed in the body.

The above statement is not completely true. Not all people experience paralysis. For those who do, they do not experience it all the time and some people only experience it in the beginning, if at all.

Let me also point out that if you are going to research this, it is spelt Hypnagogia not hypnogogia. Hypnogogia is a common misspelling of the word.

That’s all I am going to say about Hypnagogia for now. We will go back into it later on once I weed out the info concerning it.

So what is on the agenda for today?  Let’s go back to the Shadow People.

To refresh your memory:

Shadow people (also known as shadow men, shadow folk, or shadow beings) are supernatural shadow-like creatures of both modern folklore and traditional native American beliefs. According to folklore, they appear as dark forms in the peripheries of people’s vision and disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed.[1][2]—Wikipedia

Possible explanations for Shadow People :

*Other World—dimension: Some people theorize that these beings come from another level of existence, other world or another dimension. Some believe that this dimension sometimes overlaps with ours, letting us catch a glimpse of them.

*Watchers: Some believe that these beings are what they call, “Watchers’. Now theories vary here and you will find people who actually relate them to the Watchers of the Fallen Angels. Some relate them to the Watchers of the biblical sense which did not fail God, or they have a whole other legend following. I think its important that people wash the ‘evil’ sense away from these theories though. As long as we fear it, hyping ourselves up, we will never discover the truth. Personally, I believe this is your own back yard. Nothing can hurt you unless you let it. Until we figure out what these beings are, its best we keep the fear at bay. This way we can come to some conclusion and investigate.

*Evil: With the above being said, I have to mention that one of the most common beliefs out there is that these beings are Evil, a devil or demons and some people go as far as to say , it is Lucifer himself. I can’t agree with that, sorry. I do not want to judge other people on their experiences but once people get passed the fear, there are too many positive and interesting testaments out there concerning this phenomena. I doubt that if it were Evil, that would be so. Fear kills us from discovering the truth…from fear comes ignorance and from ignorance, blindness…period.

*Ghosts or Spirits: It is one of the most common theories out there hovering right next to the Evil, demon one. People seem to believe that the Shadow spirit or being is just another type of Ghosts or Spirits. I think it is too simple of an answer BUT, if that’s all they have, then I respect that. Like us, they are just trying to figure this whole thing out right? And it is way better than the Evil thing.

*Astral projectors: Some people seem to think that these beings are someone astral projecting either from another dimension or from our own. Like people, they can be good or bad.

*Karma: Someone said that people begin to experience these beings once they start clearing out Karma. That’s all they said but later, I found many others who felt the same thing. Now even though this is at the bottom of the list for reasons, I thought it worth mentioning because it is a spreading reason.

*Succubus or Incubi: This is also at the bottom of the list and also fits under the whole Evil/Fear explanation. Apparently these people are having sex in their dreams and it is leaving them absolutely exhausted or drained.

Ancients Lore Concerning Shadow People


Egyptians called the shadow khaibut. The Egyptians believed that the khaibut was one of seven souls that each person had.

The Roman word for shadow was umbra, also meaning ‘the shade’ or the ghost of an individual who went to a place called the Land of Shades. The land of Shades was believed to be underground or part of an Underworld and after the person died, their shadow went there. In Greece, people were known to dedicate their shadows or give them over to a God such as Zeus. This was considered to be a marvelous sacrifice but at the same time or later on, fearsome. For instance, it was believed  that if a person went to the temple or sanctuary of Zeus Lycaeus, they would lose their shadows. For those who do not know, Lycaeus was believed to be the origin of Werewolves and from this particular story, maybe some of the lore concerning werewolves became born. In medieval times, werewolves and vampires were a phenomena that said that anyone cursed this way, lacked a shadow or reflection. They lacked soul.

Also in medieval times, cornering a witch and proving her to be one, the shadow played a big part. If someone sold their soul to the devil then they had no shadow—hence shadow being linked with the soul again. In Europe, people believed that the shadow beings desired blood and without it, couldn’t be reborn. Superstitions and fear spread like the black plague concerning a person’s shadow. People refused to let their shadows fall on graves, a rumbling river or near a cliff.

In biblical times, curses were spoken on a person’s shadow. For example in Numbers 14:9 –“Their shadow is departed from them.” Saying something like that meant undeniable doom and was the lowest of low. I gather that in today’s times, it would be worse than throwing shoes.

Now kicking aside the superstitious fear concerning the shadow, according to Pagans and those before them, in ancient times…a person who did not have a shadow was NOT a demon, a vampire, a werewolf or someone who had given their soul over to any devil.

They were believed to have went into some sort of eternal bliss.

Plutarch said, “At the end of the world, the blessed ones would be happy forever. In a state neither needing food nor casting a shadow.”

So if we take into consideration what the Ancients believed concerning ‘Shadows, Shadow sightings and people’, is it safe to say that the Shadow experience you have had, is indeed a spirit or ghost or someone who has passed on to the other side? Maybe, but then again I have to personally wonder…why are so many sightings the same? Why is the image that we see of the Shadow person always a common one? Is it that all dead people wear hats, or cloaks or are seen staring at the floor? Why are the shadows able to take full form or any form—animal, creature, man, while other dead people can only become orbs or when they take actual form, look like an actual person?

Where are the Shadow women?  Not one person I have interviewed, have I heard or read any reports concerning a Shadow person looking like a woman. I have read and heard of small shadow figures being no bigger than a child but people do not connect them with actual children. it is only the size that they are compared to verses the others who can be up to seven feet or more in height. No women…unless you listen to the incredible but draining stories of sex that some seem to link with the succubus and incubus theories. With respect, those aren’t enough to me. There aren’t enough of them being told on or off the internet. So there doesn’t seem to be any pattern there for me except maybe someone is having some awesome dreams and the rest of us should be simply jealous lol.

If the Shadow beings are ‘Watchers’ then does this make them some sort of guardian? And why do some attack or is it like Carry said, it was her own fear doing this to her. If they are Watchers, then what are they watching? Surely they know more than we do. Is there a reason some see them and others do not? The ones who see them, do they have a link or connection to these beings while others may have a connection to some other paranormal type thing? I know it has nothing to do with open mindedness. I have interviewed to many people that had no knowledge and or belief in them. It just started to happen and that’s when they started looking for answers. Some incidents start happening when people are children while others happened as adults.

I think we will need to look more into the Underworld or Land of Shades, which again means there will be more parts to this subject. We also have to look into the lore of the Spider and try to help people figure out what that is that they are seeing. Like the shadow people, there are very few stories out there but even less concerning the spiders. The only answers that these people are finding is that either they are crazy, dreaming or it is being confused with some spiritual symbolism or dream analysis. These people like my friend Carry know that this is not a dream. So pretty soon we will explore that one and I am sure we will touch base with some of our previous subjects as well.

Shadow People, Astral Spiders, & Hypnagogia


So what are Shadow People, Spiders and Beings?

We all know what spirits or ghosts are, so I suppose we can place them in that category except, there is no proof that these beings are dead, are repetitive echoes, a haunting or formless.

They appear void at times if not strangely solid. By solid, they are still dark as Shadow but an even blacker color outlines their features.

One of the most common sightings has been the figure of a man or someone in a cloak. Sometimes they are seen wearing a hat or hooded sweat shirt. Whatever they are wearing, they lack color.

Imagine– you are staring into an actual person who is nothing more than solid smoke or even slightly transparent at times. The strange thing is, you can catch detailed outlines concerning their face or clothes.

It’s hard to think that anything which appears to be solid or merely bleak can have any sort of outline about it. But people have reported that at times they can make out their features clearly as well as the smaller details of their clothes. Some reports claim they have glowing eyes, mostly red. Some reports claim that they act unaware (as if you are not there)– as if passing from one room, while others claim these beings have had their attention directly on them.

Many reports claim that the energy or feeling in the room changed to something fearsome. Other reports claim that the person witnessing this act was attacked, unable to scream, or paralyzed.

Now before we fix our minds on a notion of fear—let’s reserve that until later because I have some theories of my own.

When do these sightings happen?

I call it the Twilight (No, Stephanie Meyers has nothing to do with this) but a more technical word is Hypnagogia. Basically, it is known as a sleep paralysis which has the attention of many doctors and scientists who are studying it. The easiest way to describe it is–

You go to bed, close your eyes, go to sleep.  Only you do not sleep deeply nor are you fully awake. You are stuck somewhere in between.

Now do not confuse this with sleep walking. That is NOT what it is. People who experience this are completely aware of everything that is going on around them. They can sit up in bed, walk through their house, pet a dog or see their wife or husband sleeping beside them. They can talk and interact even though their minds are not fully awake.

So what is so different during this time that they seem to think they’re partly asleep? Good question.

Even though they can interact with their normal environments, not everything is the same. It is as though they are lingering between two worlds. Their subconscious mind is in equal balance with their conscious mind.

Meaning, they are open to whatever may come, eyes open beyond the veil but their conscious minds do not have the draw backs–jerking them out of this moment or to prevent them from seeing, experiencing, and interacting with whatever may be.

This is when some people experience the Shadow Beings, Spiders, or other types of Other Worldly phenomena. It is NOT the only time, but this is a common one, as well as wide spreading.

Now it should be known that Science and Doctors have their own explanations of this but NOTHING is for certain simply because they’re pretty much clueless as to what Hypnagogia is and what these people are really discovering during this phase. The experts are blaming it on sleeping positions, among other things, saying that if someone sleeps on their back– that this is what causes it.

Now it should be noted that I did say above that this phenomena is becoming widely spread. That doesn’t mean  it did not exist before. I think because of the internet and the loss of fear in speaking about these things has made it possible for others to realize that they are not alone.  It should also be mentioned that Shadow beings have been reported since Ancient times but we will get more into that later.

A direct quote from Wikipedia concerning Hypnagogia:

Early references to hypnagogia are to be found in the writings of Aristotle, Iamblichus, Cardano, Simon Forman and Swedenborg.[11] Romanticism brought a renewed interest in the subjective experience of the edges of sleep.[12] In more recent centuries, many authors have referred to the state; Edgar Allan Poe, for example, wrote of the ‘fancies’ he experienced “only when I am on the brink of sleep, with the consciousness that I am so.

So you see it is not new by any means, only our awareness of it since we still seem to be in the Dark Ages concerning anything other than what is socially accepted. Being taught not to believe in such things or that it is against some sort of religion– has really blind sided us I think. 

Let it be also known that during Hypnagogia or what I call ‘Twilight’, Shadow people or beings are not the only thing experienced.

Many people claim that they have got up from their beds, walked out the door to new or past worlds. Some have experienced or revisited past lives or countries.

One woman I read about, reported standing by her bedroom window, waving to people who were passing by outside her home. They stood there waving at her while she waved back at them. At some point she snapped out of it, finding herself standing there waving– only the people she remembered in every detail were no longer present.

Other people report having long conversations with deceased relatives who are possibly standing by their bed or sitting in the same room with them. Some people claim that they are visited by those who are not dead. They have absolutely no idea what they are, but they do know death did not bring them to their bedrooms.

Now even though Twilight is not the only time this happens, this is one of the biggest reports of the Shadow Beings that people claim to experience. Possibly because our minds are so open during this stage and we can see beyond the Veil—my theory.

Now the down side–some people say that they are attacked. That this black mass or presence paralyzes them so that they can not move or even scream.

Others claim that they are not attacked but wake up finding these beings standing over them, simply watching which may be how they came to be called, ‘The Watchers’.

One woman I know claims to have woken up, been fully awake, while a young man in a hooded sweat shirt swept through her room and went out the window. Now she did not think that he jumped, but simply  leaped through his doorway, to where ever he came from. This woman has had this happen quite a few times, same boy, same details (except the exit)– only she was not experiencing Twilight during any of those times. In fact, she told me she had never experienced Twilight. She sees them wide eyed and awake.

So you see Twilight is not the only time you can experience this.

Many reports say that they were standing in their kitchen (or somewhere), felt the energy or the room temperatures change, caught something in the corner of their eye, turned around quickly and the Shadow Being was standing there, watching them.

Shadow or Astral Spiders

People claim to be sleeping or rather Twilight, while watching these HUGE spiders of abnormal size crawl around their beds, glide down over their heads from webs and so on.  By big—sizes ranging from fat puppy size to smaller.

At times they see smaller ones but it is usually the bigger ones that cause them the greatest shock and fright. It is usually scary enough to snap them out of the Twilight completely, where the spiders are then gone.

There hasn’t been to many people offering them any enlightenment concerning this. In fact, I was shocked that on these forums that I researched, to find that quite a few people who rattled away concerning their belief in the Shadow People in other threads, literally make fun of the people who were seeking answers concerning the spiders.

Unfortunately I can not give anyone any hard crusted evidence here but I can explain some common points about them.

One, you do not have to be in twilight to see them. Some people will see them there, wake up completely to find them still in their reality—fading away.

Two, no reports of anyone being bitten.

Three, no reports of anyone being attacked.

Four, some believe they are other dimensional.

Five, others don’t have a clue as to what the hell they are, although freaky, they don’t seem to be harming anyone or anything.


Well I hope we have touched based on some of this as I will probably write more about it later.


However, let me leave you with this question…

Have YOU had an experience with any of these Paranormal beings that you’d care to share?

Ghosts and Spirits!




These two constantly get confused. In fact before I did research on it, I was one of millions who thought that they were the same. But , turns out , they’re not.



Spirits are not out to scare anyone. In fact if they do scare you, it is said that they feel really bad about doing it. There’s usually no ‘threatening feeling’ sensed when you see one. In fact, after seeing one, you’ll probably end up finding excuses for it– like tossing it up to imagination. Its truly that subtle.

Spirits have crossed over. They know their place is on the other side or other dimension, or afterlife or whatever term you personally use for it. When they come to our side, they’re just passing through.

Usually they come with a message or to help someone or something out.

Remember, a spirit is not out to harm you or scare you in anyway. If you have the gift of sensing them, then surely you know that when you do, there are no feelings of dread or trouble. If you are new at your gift and are spooked a bit at first, then pay close attention– as it will pass. They have a surreal calm about them and once you get used to things, you learn to recognize that.

There is NO reason to help spirits cross over and into the light. They are not like ghosts, they know their place and are just traveling around. They come and go as they please, without causing harm.


Ghosts, according to some, are the tricksters out to scare us. Why do they go out of their way to do this? Some people say its because the living love to be scared. They pay tons of money for horror movies just to catch the thrill of fright. They go to carnivals or haunted houses, looking for the thrill.

So ghosts are out to do just that, scare you. Its kind of like when you were a kid and you would hide from another kid. When the other kid least expected it, you jumped out and yelled BOO! Then scared the poor kid silly and in doing so, you got yourself a major laugh.

Ghosts are probably having one good laugh right after the other.

I have personally made jokes that when I die I was going to muck with so and so, so hard….lol. So maybe Ghosts are just passing time at your expense.

That’s one theory.

According to this same theory, though, people soon become comfortable with their Ghosts. They’re no longer frightened or scared. They give them names. Make them  the resident spook or pet—kind of.

This is when people begin to confuse them with Spirits. Once a Ghost becomes bored, which is likely if they can’t scare you, they move on.

However, sometimes they become worse. Raising the stakes so to speak until they can get another rise out of you. Hey, its what I’d do lol.

Some say the problem with Ghosts is, they do not have a place that they fit in. They refuse to recognize the fact that they’re dead. They simply do not see that they are no longer of our world and of  the world of the dead around them. They are sometimes completely ignorant to the fact that they’re dead altogether or that there are are dead passing back and forth.

This reminded me of something. Ever see the movie The Others? Perfect example of a Ghost. The mother and her children had absolutely no clue that they were dead. They still saw themselves as part of the living world. So they sought to hang out with the living.

Ghosts can be perceived by the living in a number of ways: through sight (apparitions), sound (voices), smell {fragrances, odors,} touch, and sometimes they can just be sensed.



Definitions based on common opinion . If they are not correct to you, then by all means, disprove them *winks*