Free Christmas Calendar for the Kids!

Every year I make these for my kids and every year, I offer it up to the rest of the web. The idea of this is to either put it on your desktop, OR, as I do, print it out and hang it on the wall for your children. I make one for each of my kids and then every night before bed, they get to take a crayon and mark out the days until Christmas.

Now you know as soon as you put up the tree or a child catches wind that this is the month of Santa, they will bug you and bug you…” MOM WHEN IS XMAS???” lol Well this helps you with that. Your children get to figure it out for themselves. lol


This is something Free and easy to do. If you do not have children, well save it and email it to a friend that does. Or pass it onto your grandchildren or someone who has grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, whoever.

Christmas is all about memories, and for me this is all about making those memories with my kids. And as you can see by Santa in the calendar, he is having a good laugh at some of his …well…own memories.


So if you choose to save this…enjoy!



The Calendar does not go past the 25th of December because, well, this is all about the kids and getting them to CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!! lol


If you would like to have this Calendar, CLICK HERE to get it full size. Don’t worry…the link is taking you to my Photo bucket album. Once you get there, just right click and save as.

Into the Mound

Hands and knees slick with mud, I crawl,

Head first into the dark grave,

Offering myself to stillness and silence.

I turn my back upon the light,

The sweet smell of moist death in soil,

Age old decay and mouldering time,

Taste them in the air. Savour the aroma of history,

Accustomed to the sun, I am sightless,

My fingers guide me, feeling out,

Damp earth beneath me, rock around me.

I inch forwards into the unknown,

The impenetrable darkness swims,

With lights of my own imagining,

Swirling dark dream colours.

Seeing nothing and everything.

The tomb chill creeps into my bones,

I am amongst the memories of those dead,

Standing before a long night corridor,

That leads to otherworlds or oblivion.

Trickling drops of water,

Seeping from the soil above,

Seeking out the deep heart of the world,

Caressing rock, dissolving debris.

Time has collected in pools here,

My life, the flicker of moth wings,

Nothing more: I sense my brevity.

I sit gazing into the beyond,

Above me, the tread of footsteps, distant cries,

Children and the modern trappings,

I hear the passage of slow seasons,

The drift of days through warmth or snow,

The gentle rhythm of lengthening, shortening night,

Life rising and falling like the river’s tide.

I see death, grotesque and beautiful,

The rotting down of past aspirations,

The maggot-ridden corpse that feeds,

The soil that feeds the plants above.

I see the delicate harmony of beginnings and endings.

Lying the grave of ancient peoples,

I hear the slow sweet pulse,

Life, like blood in veins pounds slow and deep,

Drawing me into its patterns.

Turning in the cramped, damp chamber,

I slither through the narrow breach,

Pushing out from the earth belly,

Startled afresh by light,

Overcome by myriad colours,

The vibrant, glorious disorder of the living.

I emerge from amongst the dead.

Reborn, carrying the memory of dark places

In the slow beat of my own pulse.



Pagan Power

Is global warming real? Or is it a fallacy? I’m no scientist so I can’t go into detail either for or against. However the weather sure has been strange lately. Recently the world has seen changing weather patterns that have caused major problems for the human race. Here in Australia we have had record-breaking heat waves over a continuous unprecedented timeframe. We have had drought, water shortages and huge unheard of dust storms.

Last week we had massively hot temperatures and then a phenomenal electrical storm. Personally, I love electrical storms. The pagan in me is in awe of the awesome power such a storm wields. The magic of it, the intensity, it really gives you pause. The storm also caused a blackout and we had no power for about 14 hours. Its not really a long time, not in the scheme of things. But it did get me thinking.

In todays age we take electricity for granted and the huge number of things in our world that run off electricity. I loved the quietness of the blackout. A candlelit bath, reading a good book by candle light all through the night. I felt like I got back to nature that night.

What I didn’t like was the little conveniences such as making myself a hot cuppa, the fridge working, checking my emails. The world runs on electricity. Just imagine what would happen if major electrical grids went out for an extended period of time. You couldn’t fill up your car with petrol, banking systems would be down, ATMs, Internet, communication lines. It would be catastrophic.

We did once live without electricity, it would have been a simpler time, but I can’t say it would have been better for us socially or economically. But would it have been better for the earth? To make electricity fossil fuels are still the main contender in what is a huge debate over where our electricity for the future will come from. We all know what fossil fuel does to the land and our Mother Earth. We also have a pretty good idea what the alternatives such as nuclear power does to the world.

So we are in a conundrum, we need electricity, but how do we fuel it without ruining the world? It is the question the world is pondering as we head toward an unknown future. Here in Australia there is much debate over carbon emissions schemes and what we can do individually to lesson our carbon foot print. Some say that we are such a relatively small country that any scheme we endorse will be insignificant and cost us too much money. But if everyone makes a small contribution then surely it must add up. And what will the cost be to us if we dont start taking this seriously.

There are some that question the existence of global warming, and yes it is good to have a debate. But what is the cost if they are wrong? Surely it is better to consider differing possibilities to our energy crisis. Yes environmentally friendly gestures such as solar power, wind power ect are a step in the right direction. I dont know the answers, but I do know that I now dont take electricity for granted.

I also know that as pagans, spiritual people and people who care about the environment, this is a topic close to our hearts. Nature surely has a spirit and you can reconnect with it by turning off the electrical appliances that tend to bombard our daily lives. Turn off the computer, tv, games, even the lights. Light a candle and go out into the fresh air and breathe it in. Reconnect with nature and say thank you, for ultimately it is nature that gives us the electricity. But nature also gives us power simply by accepting it into our hearts and re-energize ourselves. And nature and the weather is changing, so lets give back to nature and harness that pagan power 🙂



New 5 Star Review for Bound by Blood: The Awakening

Today Jesse Fox emailed me saying, “Have you seen this yet?” Nope, I haven’t. Having a crazy day already, I clicked the link, crossed my toes, shut my eyes, and held my breath. Good or bad, this was a surprise. As for how I feel…just can’t find the words. I just know that it made my century. So thanks Jesse for giving me a shout and to Amy for a well thought out review!



C.H Scarlett has portrayed an impeccably flawless and exceptionally intricate work of fiction. The plot, characterizations and world building is brilliantly prepared and thought-out. While reading this story, BOUND by BLOOD, I experienced the intense, overpowering, passion hidden within its pages and even sensing the author’s zealous desire for her talent of writing. The penetrating attractions between the characters were overwhelmingly heartfelt. I will be looking forward to reading further books by C.H. Scarlett and will positively be recommending this story to any reader  who is interested in Paranormal, Fantasy and Erotic Fiction genres.

5 Stars


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My Goddess

When the pain takes me

And wracks my body

I will reach through

And beyond.

I am not ruled by suffering.

It is merely a door,

A way of transcending,

Opening me,

To be filled.

I welcome the fear,

Hard knot in my chest,

Heartbroken and unable

To bear more.

Still I revel in this chaos,

My unravelling mind

And ravaged body

Show me the way

To your embrace.

Beyond the terror

And the distress

Lies tranquillity,

Harrowed, I may reach

That place of peace.

Dear Spirit: Friday, November 27th, 2009

Request #1:

Dear Spirit,

How can I approach my educational goals successfully? Thank you, CEA (Las Vegas, NV)

Dear CEA,

Congratulations, you’ve embarked on a long, often difficult journey, but the rewards will be great once you complete your higher education, I swear! As a mother of two kids in college, I salute you. You will deal with many distractions and temptations, but keep disciplined, goal oriented and focused on your achievements and you will succeed. That being stated, the cards pulled as followed–9 card-The Emporer; 1st initial, reversed Page of Swords; 2nd initial, reversed Two of Rods; 3rd initial, Five of Pentacles.

The 9 card is the overall indicator of the forces at work around you. The Emporer has a two fold purpose, the drive to manifest desires on the physical plane and a representation of a potential role model to assist you in those efforts. To find the success you seek you must first learn to take responsbility for your own life, meaning self discipline and self-dominion. In other words, if you approach your studies haphazardly the success you want will not manifest. Your education is your stepping stone to your adult life, I feel, you must treat it with respect and responsibility. Develop good study habits, become an actively participating student willing to learn at all times and take advantage of every opportunity i.e., study groups, tutors, etc. if necessary. Take good notes, turn in your assignments on time, tend to your health, save the party animal routine for the weekends. The Emporer also represents a strong mentor. Search for a teacher or counselor that can guide you appropriately to take advantage of the opportunities your university has to offer to aid you in your goals.

The Page of Swords advises there are hidden matters you may not be aware of at the moment that may challenge your goals, therefore be prepared, just in case that hidden matter is an extra fee you weren’t expecting or you can’t get the class you want this semester, have an alternative.

The Two of Rods can also be an indicator of sudden events that test you. If they happen, do not overreact, stop and think of your options. This card vibrates to the number 2, a number of decision making. As it is reversed, it can be an indicator of a lack of discipline, failure to do homework, not putting in enough effort. You’ve take on a huge task, that of pursuing higher education. What you put into it, you’ll receive. In all matters, be organized and diligent in your pursuits and you won’t go awry.

The final card is the Five of Pentacles. This card vibrates to the number 5, the number of Temprerance. It’s all about combining your abilities with right timing. This card may be an indicator that you are not able to see the help which is available to you, hence it is even more important to find a competent guide or counselor to assist you through the college process. This card can also indicate a loss of faith in oneself, do not give in to the temptation to self-criticize, you have enough on your plate to deal with as a college student, tearing yourself down will only worsen the stress you place on yourelf. Again, I say finding a mentor will help you when you are feeling lost or confused about your next step. Also, discipline with money may be an issue for you as it would appear finances are tight at the moment. Learn to live frugally as your education will require a great deal from you financially as well as intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Good luck in your future endeavors! I believe with hard work, you will be a success!

Request #2

Dear Spirit,

I am recently married. All my husband and I do is fight. Will we be ok? Any advice you can give would help. Thank you, KBP (Abilene, TX)

Dear KBP,

First, you don’t mention it, but I have a strong feeling you are very young. Marriage is a full time occupation that requires consistent effort from both parties in order to be successful like a garden that must be tended to constantly to harvest its earthly abundance. Second, you’ve each made a commitment to honor and cherish another human being for the rest of your lives, through good and bad times. That’s a lot to ask from anyone, let alone from young people still learning about themselves while in the process of learning about their partners. The stress can be enormous and lead to arguing easily.

That being stated, the cards pulled as follows–9 card-The Close (Death); 1st initial-Ten of Pentacles; 2nd initial-reversed The Tower; 3rd intial The High Priest.

First, I must say, there’s a sense of violence with The Tower and The Close/Death card together. Not necessarily anything physical mind you, but perhaps your arguments descend into name calling or other vengeful words stated in anger to hurt and wound one another. If this is the case, STOP immediately. Once a bell is tolled it can’t be untolled. The words may be forgotten but not their impact and it will eventually decay the foundation of your relationship.

The Close/Death card is representative of the potential for enormous transformation. There are big changes ahead for you. You may experience a new phase of love with your spouse or you may decide to separate before it gets any worse between you. In any event, be prepared to meet fresh ideas, new people and possibly new opportunities for you are in the midst of reconstruction which will bring a period of great happiness if you make wise decisions in your relationship.

The Ten of Pentacles is an indicator of very positive aspects of your relationship. It is telling me that you aren’t having financial issues or family issues adding extra stress, in fact, money, jobs, etc. are going well for the most part for you both. I tend to call the Ten of Pentacles the family card as there is often wealth associated via family. This isn’t just financially, but good relationships with family members who you can turn to for advice; you have access to strong family support and you are utilizing family traditions you learned as well to help make your marriage work, more plusses on the side of your marriage working out. I believe you are fighting because you are two young people learning to be grown-ups, slow down and remember how much you love one another, neither one of you always needs to be right, learn to compromise, pick and choose your battles.

The reversed Tower sends a warning…see the writing on the wall and do what is right…if you keep arguing destructively your relationship will end, is that what either of you want? It is also representative of a narrow escape from disaster or injury. While I make no assumptions, if there is any physical violence in your relationship, seek assistance NOW from certified professionals before you spiral out of control toward potential tragedy.

The High Priest sends me a signal of peace. Again, this card vibrates to the number 5, in all things Temperance, abilities combined with appropriate timing. If one spouse is better at balancing the checkbook and the other spouse is better at mechanics, then by all means each one takes responsibility to do what they do well and advising the other of what is happening so both parties are constantly informed. This card is also an indicator to seek guidance from a marriage counselor. This isn’t a bad thing. You may learn some wonderful tools to help you navigate through the world of marriage. In the process you may learn some more about not only yourselves, but each other. Good luck to you both!

That’s all from Spirit this time around folks! In light of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to thank everyone in my life who’ve helped me through good times and bad. I want to thank our troops for their sacrifices, rescue workers for their aid, and thank you to my readers for helping to make my writing career a reality instead of a dream!

Until next time,

Erin Sinclair

“For love that’s out of this world!”

What I am thankful for

On this festive and food oriented holiday I thought I’d drop a note to say what I’m truly thankful for.

I am thankful for the love of a beautiful woman, my soulmate and my life.  Diane who at this time is slaving away in the kitchen to produce another bountiful feast for us to enjoy.  For her courage against all odds, for her perceverence in maintaining her unwavering devotion for me during my first marriage to another and for her ability to make me see the man I want to be I am, indeed, truly thankful.  I would have no books published, no awards won nor would I have so many author friends if not for her gentle guidance and stubborn patience.  I would happily lay down my life for her. 

My step-children, children and grandkids.  These are my future hopes that what I’ve learned in my past will be furthered onward in generations to come.  For the sons who aren’t of my body, but share a kindred soul I thank the Goddess for Matthew and Ben.  For her devotion to family and taking up arms against a sea of troubles that threaten our clan I thank Her for Candace.  Brendan, my youngest who shares my wild imagination and Anthony who tries to hold his own in two households I thank the Goddess for them as well.  Duncan, Sabastian, Keegan, Miguel, Nathan and Sibohan who are not of my blood but are eternally bound to me I humbly take joy in their existence.

For the lousy job I have.  Despite the constant whining and complaining by customers who demand I take charges off their bills (despite the truthfulness to their validity) I thank the Goddess that I’m employed.  This thing called work, which takes me away from hearth and home, provides me with just enough money to chase my dreams with my family by my side.  Although I grouse and grumble, I would be homeless without it.  I try to take as much pleasure from doing a good job as I can.  It also has allowed me to talk to many a kindred soul.  Those who are just happy to be served and ask nothing more than a fairness outweight and outnumber the gripers.

I thank my parents Nancy and Charles, gone many years since who provided me with food, shelter, clothing and love for which there is absolutely no price that can be attached to it.  I only wish I could thank them in person, but having done so in life I am secure in the notion that they watch from on high and, hopefully are proud of their oldest son.

I am thankful for the country inwhich I was born.  For the Red, White and Blue–for the chance to live free and do as I wish without restraints to spirit, education or social status.  I do not believe in Red states or Blue states and I”m hopefully thankful that we still live in a free society.  Only in America can you be anything you want to be.  Soldier, statesmen, banker or baker you can do as you wish here in the good old U.S.A. 

To those who serve in the military, keeping us safe I am truly grateful.  My family has ever been closely associated with those in uniform.  Since my great-great-great grandsire Baron Barton Von Neumann who came here from his native Germany to settle in Ohio to my mother’s side that crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Italy I am thankful for my heritage.  Those who didn’t serve went into factories to make both domestic and military materials during Peace and War.  I would be nothing without my past.  I am proud to say my step-son Matthew and son-in-law Jose both proudly serve in the U.S. Army.  Words cannot express my pride in this.

In closing I would ask you to seek out your loved ones this Thanksgiving and see to it you connect with them on an emotion and spiritual level.  Conversations during dinner, football games or just over coffee will be the ever-burning logs inwhich your memories will glow and warm you. 

Blessed Be!