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Merry Christmas, folks in the broadest and truest sense of the word! I was making a little merry, hence the lateness of the post, but as they say, better late than never, right :-D! This week’s posts are about furry members of two reader’s families. The first was with regard to the health of a beloved dog, the other an interesting question regarding the actual spirit of a feline familiar. Let’s see what the cards have to say.

“My older dog has been “off his feed” lately and not acting his usual self. Is he winding down or is this an indicator of something more serious? He’s eleven years old. His first initial begins with the letter ‘C’.” CB, Los Angeles, CA

CB, this is going to read strange, but spirit is prompting me to say age is not an indicator of a dog’s desire to remain with its human companion, the life lessons they learn together are the motivation. With that stated the cards pulled as follows, the 9 card–The Moon, upright; the first initial–Page of Cauldrons, upright, the second initial (in this instance I used another 9 card)–Seven of Rods, upright; and the final initial (again, a 9 card)–Four of Pentacles, upright.

The Moon tells me immediately things are unseen and reasons are not clear as to what is happening with your furry family member. In a reading however, this card tends to symbolize the law of cycles and phases. Eleven years old is old for most dogs (based on the standard 7 years in a dog’s life for every 1 in a human’s, but that is not appropos for all breeds or sizes of dogs either, let alone large or small mixed breeds, if indeed your dog is mixed). With that stated, I feel he’s winding down and deciding what his next move is, companion to you, or move on. You do not elaborate on his symptoms, but the phrase “off his feed” tells me it’s time for a trip to the vet to make sure his health is in order first and foremost. If he comes out with a clean bill of health, it is time to accept the fact that puppy and adult phases are over and he’s moved into his own version of the Crone stage. I’m sensing he feels the need to rest more and just enjoy life from an observer’s standpoint as opposed to a participant. I say respect that and make him comfortable. He can love you as much from your lap as walking by your side. The Page of Cauldrons tells me that if you take him to the vet you will receive good news with regard to his overall health as this card is also indicative of healing taking place. So I stress for sure take your friend to a vet to tend to his needs right away. The Seven of Rods further reinforces this message as the vibration of the number 7 always indicates victory after a struggle. Your animal companion is definitely under the weather in my opinion and it’s time to get him the help he needs. He still has fight left in him, but needs the appropriate tools to do so. In general also, the wands relate to the body’s temperature i.e., as in fever, perhaps some sort of bacteria has invaded his system. It also represents digestion and the burning of caloric energy. My educated guess/intuition is telling me because he’s older he’s dietary needs have changed. No more people food, no more treats, especially if he’s not as active as he used to be. I’m also feeling he may have eaten a human food (i.e., onions, grapes, chocolate, etc.) that dogs cannot digest properly or was contaminated and is now paying for it big time. The Four of Pentacles further reinforces that he IS definitely dealing with intestinal issues as the Four of Pentacles reflects waste disposal, intestines, how the body breaks down and metabolizes food. You feel like a loving pet owner who spoils his buddy rotten and that includes indulging his appetites for human food. NO MORE. He can’t take it any longer and is being deprived of the nutrients he needs to function as a dog and as an older dog. So, it’s time to shower him with affection instead of hot dogs. Get to a vet, one that you can trust. I sincerely feel he will be all right once you get him on the proper nutritional path. Take care! Erin Sinclair

Now for a cat owner who believes her new kitten sees the spirit of her recent feline companion who crossed over.

“Dear Spirit, This is going to sound so crazy, but I have a new kitten whom I adore. My new familiar has been acting very strange. What I mean by that is she is doing all the “things” my fourteen year old cat use to do, including sleeping in the same spot. She plays as if she is playing with another cat, expressing the same kind of body language cats use with each other, meowing at corners and at my closet door, where my old cat use to sleep in her bed and where she passed away. I know I’m missing my old cat who had been with me since I was 9 years old, but I feel her behavior is so odd and so uncannily like my old cat, I wanted to see what you thought. Her name is Tabitha.” Thank you, Catgirl, NY, NY

Catgirl, I’m sorry about your loss. I know how I would feel, were I in your shoes. My animals are as important to me as my children, I’m sure the pain is palpable at times. Know that your pet is in a good place, no longer in pain. I feel there was an issue with its blood, hence its passing. You did the right thing in letting your former cat go. She was holding on because of your sorrow at losing her. Once you gave her permission to leave however, she was so thankful she could move on, the cross over was an eventless situation for her, although I’m sure not for you.

With that stated the cards pulled as follows. The 9 card, The Sun, upright. The first intial–Six of Swords, upright; the second intial (a 9 card)–King of Swords, upright and the third intial–Seven of Pentacles, upright.

The Sun tells me after darkness there is light. I’m not sure how you came to be the new mama of your kitty friend, but the receiving of her was as if the Sun came out from behind dark clouds. Your sorrow at the loss of your other cat was truly deep. I feel you put much into your feline companion because you didn’t have human friendships cultivated (I’m referencing the Seven of Pentacles, more on that in a moment). I know that sounds odd and not a direct response to your query, but Spirit is indicating to me you tend to be overwhelmed by human relationships and much prefer solitude and the companionship of animals. While most of us can relate to that on some level, your self-isolation is far more harmful than it is good to you and it’s time for a change. With that stated the Six of Swords upright tells me you are moving from a bad situation to a good one, from more difficult to more peaceful times. This little kitten has received a lot of unconditional love and attention from you, but it is now time for you to see things as they truly are and not as you would want them to be. I have no doubt your kitten is smelling your former pet all around your home. I also have no doubt that spirit animals exist. Whether or not your kitten is truly sensing or seeing your older cat I can’t honestly say, although The Moon imagery does often remind me of spirit energy, so your old kitty may very well be stopping by to check in on you. I do believe your kitten is exhibiting behaviors common to all cats and perhaps in your mourning you are labeling standard behavior of cats from your kitten as those of your former cat. I think it is time to truly say goodbye to your old cat, for the Six of Swords does represent healing from mental stress therefore in saying your final goodbyes, you will be able to appreciate your new companion and give it the individuality it deserves. The King of Swords is represented by the Air sign of Libra. In all things, balance. Find your peace and center in the passing of your loved one. Nature hates a vaccum, as such it replaced your void with a new kitten and it is time to appreciate it for the companion it can be for you. Do not compare it to your old friend as they are individuals of the same species, not the other way around and it is just causing you unnecessary pain, I believe.  The third intial, Seven of Pentacles is an interesting card for you with regard to your question. It represents a period of waiting, of not knowing how a matter will manifest itself. I feel you are entirely too caught up in your relationship with your animal companion and you are neglecting your other needs on the physical plane. It is time to start paying attention to other aspects of your life and enjoy your animal as one aspect of it, not the be all and end all of it. Once you broaden your horizons, your ache of loss will lessen with time and you can truly enjoy your new “familiar” the way she is meant to be enjoyed…a wonderful NEW addition to your household.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for a question regarding a potential new career option and a question regarding whether a reader should or shouldn’t get married.

Erin Sinclair

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