Dear Spirit, Friday, December 11, 2009

Hi folks, it’s that time again…I received an interesting e-mail from a reader I found intriguing enough to devote this column to this time around.  She’s a 50 year old woman who has decided to return to school, as she was informed by her company that within two years she would be out of a job.  She supplied more detail in her email than I’ve listed here so I’ve just listed the highlights. I found her courage and pluckiness refreshing. Let’s see what Spirit has to say…

“I am returning to college at the age of 50.  I’m completely switching gears from my former union mechanic job.  I’d like to know what energies are out there surrounding this new adventure.” Thank you for the help! KAS, Tulsa, OK.

Well, KAS, what wonderful courage you have and good for you. Your destiny is yours to make of it what you will and I say go for it!  With that stated, the cards pulled as follows–the 9 card, reversed Ten of Swords, 1st initial-upright Eight of Rods, 2nd initial-upright Justice, and your 3rd initial-upright Strength.

My first reaction to these cards is that despite initial worries and fears, everything is going to be fine for you. The Ten of Swords reversed is about endings with regard to your situation. Your company isn’t lying to you when they advised you would not be employed too much longer with them. Your position with your company is coming to an end and it will not end quietly. There will more than likely be strong protests by your labor union to protect the jobs of you and your fellow co-workers but my strong feeling is that if there is no equipment available for mechanics to work on there is no job. For you, however, what I sense is this is actually a cycle changing. Opportunity and new beginnings abound for you and very smart woman that you obviously are, have recognized them and have taken the first steps to open the door to such blessings.

The upright Eight of Rods tells me it’s all about karmic harvest at this juncture for you. This card is an indicator to be up and doing, striking, as it were, while the iron is hot. If you haven’t done so already, determine which college you want to go to, become admitted to it, figure out the degree you wish to pursue, sign up for classes and go for it. The Eight of Rods also represents your abilities to express yourself creatively once you have found your focus. In other words, the skies the limit with your imagination, use it to aid you in finding the career of your dreams, taking the time to do what you want to do as opposed to doing what you have to do for a living. It also represents a time of urgent energy, a frenzy of activity. I’m sensing you are moving and hustling to make sure all your t’s are crossed and i’s dotted to prepare yourself for your new challenge…career change and educational goals.

The Justice card upright represents a balance of forces, mental accuity, thought processes. It teaches us to discriminate, to make decisions without emotions involved. You have recognized a potential problem looming in your life. You think you have found a way to resolve the issue. There is no hemming and hawing about making the decision to go school, no sentimentality to your old job or a sense of loyalty to stick it out to the end. You are doing what it takes to prepare yourself for an eventuality and your rational mind realizes no amount of “bribing” by your employer will keep you from your course. This is a testing and challenging period for you. If you channel the enormous energy available to you now into this venture you will accomplish more in this cycle than in any other previous one you’ve gone through. The Justice card vibrates to the number 11, a master number. Keep in mind master numbers offer master success and right now especially, you have the dynamic energy to do what it takes to succeed in your intentions.

The final card is the upright Strength card. You have the ability at this time to channel your massive energies to alter any given situation. I have no doubt with this combination of cards pulled you will not only succeed at going back to school, but the degree program you enter into will ultimately offer you the career success you seek. Another thing I am sensing with this particular spread is that financial resources will be readily available to you to go to school, so have no fear, step boldly into this plan of yours, it will work and work well for you!  Good fortune to you in all that you do, KAS!

That’s all for this week, dear readers. Stay tuned for two readings about two different pet owners and their queries about their furry family members! Until then, Good Solstice to you all!


Erin Sinclair                                                                                                                          (“For love that’s out of this world!”)