Pagan Holiday for December 30th, 2009

We are getting down to the last of the month, having to let our talented Tom Brown go (cries) so that we can prepare for your next artist of the month. So please make sure to check out his links when you can and admire his talent as we do. And you can bet your bottom pentagram that you haven’t seen the last of Tom on P&P –(this one fan will make certain of it!)

December: Pagan Artist of the Month : Tom Brown

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Pagan Days for Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Wednesday is the day of Woden.

Woden is the God of knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom, & war.

Some believe Woden is also Odin—God of the Norse.

Matters & Magical Workings For Wednesday

Today is a good day to deal with matters or rituals and spells concerning anything business. Or perhaps some sort of communication. Maybe debt—something we all have these days, or what about  fear and or possibly loss? Matters or magic concerning money, or work, some type of travel. And then there’s education.

Planets and Elements

Mercury and the element Air

* Waxing Moon Magic *

From seven to fourteen days after the new moon.The waxing moon is for constructive magick, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck or health.


Today the Egyptians will celebrate their Goddess Isis—one of my favorite Goddesses. And she deserves an observance too, don’t you think? After all, she is the Goddess of love, of fertility of the land, it’s beasts and it’s people and of peace. Now while most Pagans won;t have time to do a grand ritual for Isis today, remember what made her awesome was the fact that all could easily relate to her. So simply give a minute of thought…and I’m sure she will walk with you like no other.


Today also belongs to the Sumerian Goddess Inanna.

Her story is unique as well, for she walks through the seven gates of the underworld losing bits of her jewelry and clothing through each of them until at last she reaches the seventh completely naked.

There, she was destroyed by the Queen of the Dead ,but her uncle Enki brought her back to life under the condition that she choose someone else to take her place in the Underworld. She chose her ex-lover Dumizi who usurped her throne in her absence. Strangely though, she came to miss him and because of that, she convinced each of her sisters to spend half of each year in the Underworld, taking his place so that she may have him back at times. The dark months of winter mark the time that Inanna and Dumizi are separated.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Pagan holiday…

See you tomorrow for another!!!!!


Lullaby for a Slunbering God

The first murmurings of life,

Come fluttering out of emptiness,

To settle in the warm embrace,

Of the waiting, sleeping womb.

Precious flicker of existence,

Whispering secrets of springtime,

To root and bulb and waiting seed,

Hinting at what will be.

She holds you deep within her,

Nurturing with stories,

Drawn from the memory,

Of summer passed and winter gone.

Dreaming the long sleep,

Visions ghosted and fleeting,

The waking world lies distant,

Faint as mist at dawn.

She cradles you in darkness,

Safe in pregnant soil,

Stirring softly as you quicken,

Finding shape and form.

As the chill days lengthen,

The light will kiss your eyes,

Rousing the earth mother,

For the birthing of new life.