Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 29th: Norse New Year, Ramon Lull, Feoh

This is the first day of the runic month Feoh, beginning a New Year for those of you who follow the Norse path and runes. Runic months runs in halves, so Feoh will rule until another takes its place. Feoh is sacred to the Norse god and goddess named Frey and Freyia, who are the patrons of the Earth.

In the English village called Appleton, an observance by the name of ‘Bamming the Thorn’ would have taken place on this day. Customs included but were not limited too: Collecting the branches of an Ancient Hawthorn tree, dressing them with flowers, and creating garlands.

Today in 1315 an Alchemist and Philosopher by the name of Ramon Lull closed his eyes for one final time. Born to wealth, he became the tutor to James II of Aragon. When he died, he was said to have left a legacy of over two hundred books, including that of the Blanquerna, which may have been the very first of English novels. Lull invented the scientific method and the mechanical devices used to research alchemical principles still used in Science today.