Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June25: Ireland’s Beloved Aine

346050um2ybfg0hl.jpgLet’s step back in time and take a peak into Ancient Ireland where the shades of green were as vast as the sloping hills and endless sheets of sky.

On this day, the Irish would celebrate the Goddess Aine, who happened to be the lady of love and fertility. Maybe it is true that love is the most powerful thing of all because Aine was also the restorer of life – eternal life.

There was a Well, named Tobar-Na-Aine. Lore swears that the waters from this Well can bless the unhealthy with good health and give back the youth lost by those who are imprisoned by Age.

Aine takes the form of the leannan sidhe, when she appears to men. When not the Fairy Lover, she shape-shifts into the red mare.