Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 18th: A Fertility God for Men


Usually in Ancient Civilizations, fertility and it’s God or Goddess, seems directed towards women. Not in Ancient Egypt, though and on this day, in their history, we find Min, the oldest of all fertility gods in their Pantheon. Min gave men the power to become fathers.

Now, if you dive into Egyptian History, you soon realize that most Gods and even Goddesses have human bodies but the heads of animals. Only a few do not. Min is actually one who doesnt, or , that is,most of the time, doesn’t.

He is mostly draw with an erection and his arm turned up and hand inside a flail shaped like a V.


Sometimes, its believed he was another aspect of Horus. Given the way he was drawn, there does seem to be a connection– as Horus’s father was drawn in much the same colors when he past into the underworld.

And then, there are Hymms such as these…

"Min, Lord of the Processions, God of the High Plumes, Son of Osiris and Isis, Venerated in Ipu…"

Other writings claim Min is a sibling of Horus and Anubis.