Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 20th: Midsummer’s Eve and Cerridwen Hunts

sb_sb218x6.jpgMidsummer’s Eve & Midsummer, tomorrow, is a time to leave your offerings to the “Others”, “Otherfolk”, “Otherpeople”, or “Otherkin”.

Cerridwen is a triple Goddess of the Celts and or, Welsh.Triple, meaning, Maiden, Mother and Crone. Her role was a simple one. She gave and took away. In other words, she gave life and, eventually, took life away. She is seen in all things living – humans, animals, plants, trees – as all things are born, die and, if you are Pagan, they are born again.

The Cerddorion were Welsh bards who gave the elegies during funerals. They were known to be the “sons” of Cerridwen. Taliesin was the Founder of the Cerddorions and said to be an actual Son of Cerridwen herself. The story of his birth was an interesting one but before we can talk about that, we must first discuss her other two children, a very attractive daughter named Creidwy and a very, ugly son named, Afagdu.

Legend says Cerridwen created a potion for Afagdu which would sacrifice his chance at ever being handsome in order to give the boy great wisdom. Unfortunately, Cerridwen’s servant, Gwion, took the potion before her son ever could.

A very magical and angry Mother hunted Gwion all across Wales. Having the ability to shapeshift– the both of them– he kept changing his form in order to hide from her and she kept changing hers in order to hunt him down better.

The saga comes to a close after Gwion shifts himself into a stalk of corn, so a very clever and vendictive Cerridwen changes herself into a Chicken and eats him.

Gwion, was not done, though. Instead of dying, he simply impregnates Cerridwen with himself. As an unwanted child, she tosses him into a river nine months later but at last, this is not his end. His life goes on and once he’s all grown up, his legendary name becomes, Taliesin.

Cerridwen was often drawn as a sow– the image being seen under the name of many Goddesses before and after this one.

Magical Moon: June 20th, 2016


June 20th, 2016 brings forth a Full Moon.  The Full Moon is a Mother Moon and as we all know, it is a powerful moon. Think of a woman who is pregnant. Her moods are heightened and they seem to affect all those around her. That being said, it should come to no surprise that the effects of a Full Moon and it’s influence can be felt three days before it comes and three days after.

This is a great time to complete any magic or spells that you have been working on or need to cast. It is a wonderful Moon to focus on success, all that you wish and hope to gain and anything you need to accomplish.

This is a great phase to heal or to be healed. It can also serve to empower us, especially when you think about the effects that a Full Moon has on us as a whole.

Its is the perfect opportunity to tap into or use any psychic abilities you have as they too will be increased and easy to trigger.

This is a strengthening moon, so be sure to invoke all of it’s blessings unto you and or others. It is a time of love, when possibility can be made into reality. It is a time of prophetic dreams and a great moment to work on matters of the home, beauty, money, fertility.