Pagan Holidays for May 17, 2010


I always say when it comes to Ancient Holidays and get- togethers, Rome and Greece were neck to neck in competition. So with that being said, Rome will kick off our Monday with a festival for their Goddess Dea Dia. I say we should learn from the past, and have more dang holidays ourselves. You know, get the day off from work–PAID–but hey, that’s just me and I’m just sayin’ somewhere along the way we seriously messed up and left off a bunch of cool stuff off the calendar.

Now, a little more about Dea Dia, who had her own Priests by the name of Fratres Arvales, was all about the land and it’s growth. Her Priests would kindly bless the land on this day, and then would be so nice as to chalk up some offerings to the spirits dwelling in the Underworld, hoping that they would be appeased and would refrain from trashing any crops.

Rome must of had some bad dealings with all those who haunt. Seems like around every turn, they were offering up or trying to avoid the freshly and not so freshly dead. You think they were plagued by a guilt of ticking people off? lol Regardless, enjoy your day!



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