What Makes a Druid?

For some people, the only druids are those who existed before the Romans wiped them out. For others it’s a term very much here and now, and available to anyone who claims it.  There are many who feel that to be a Druid is to hold a position of respect within your community, to act as a priest, and to have some years of training and experience behind you.

I’m just going to throw open some questions and hope people pile in with their answers. So far as I am concerned, there are no wrong answers here, but it’s interesting to share. Don’t feel obliged to answer all of them, either. Do as you will!

What defines a druid? Action? Belief? Role within a community? Relationship with the land, or the gods? Or something else?

Would it be better or worse if the title of Druid could be formally bestowed in a way everyone found recognisable?

What makes you able or unable to use the word ‘Druid’ (assuming it relates at all to what you’re doing, of course!)

What does ‘Druid’ mean to you?