Pagan Holidays for May 4, 2010

Ready to take a look at what our Ancient Ancestors were doing on this day?

Well, while yesterday Roman women were having a private Festival and Observance for Bona Dea, today, they will be launching a public one.


Those who are all for trees, would have been honoring the Hathorn for it was sacred to the Good Goddess. If you happened to find any thorns growing around springs, wells, or sources of water, then take notice for it is said they have great power. And if you were out and about hoping to invoke the Good Goddess on this day, you could hang ribbons from any tree or bush having thorns.

(Personally, I am thinking my land is totally blessed since there are so many wild rose bushes growing, its hard to walk through some places and I have the nicks on my legs to prove it lol)


Ireland would have kicked off their own shindig, called Sheela-na-Gig, which was an Observance for their fertility Goddess named Sheela-na-Gig!. Now according to the Irish, her womb is what kicked off everything considered LIFE.  And while they are having a throw down of festivities for her, this is also known as Faeries Day. So don’t forget to leave out an offering of tea, cakes, cookies or whatever snacks outside your doors. If not, they might come in a steal your kids lol or so the legend says.


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