New Trailer for True Blood Season 3

HBO has released a new 2 minute trailer for the much anticipated third season of True Blood! Premieres June 13th!

Be sure to visit the HBO website and check out the minisodes as well!

39 Days of Prayer – Day 2

Day 2 – A Daily Prayer to Saule

Saule – Baltic Sun Goddess.  Saule is the mother of the planets and the embodiment of the sun.  She ensures the growth of vegetation as well as household prosperity.  She is associated with the sea and with the underworld; the light She emits is a representation of hope during difficult times.  Saule is pictured with long golden hair, and serpents are sacred to Her.

Saule, Lady of the sky

As your sun rises in the east

Bless my feet as I enter into the day

So that every step I take is divinely led.

May my mind be blessed with your wisdom,

So that my decisions are sound and pure.

Help those I love to enter into this day with hope and joy

And be at their side as they need you.

Saule, ruler of the dark and unknown

Give me faith and strength when I reside in shadows

And may the negativity of others leave me unaffected as your sun sets in the west.

Keep me and mine safe as the moon rules the sky.

Blessed be.


When I blogged about steampunk last week, it was obvious that people are interested in costume for all sorts of things. I’ve been wardrobe mistress for parties, live role play, amateur dramatics, mumming and ritual. I thought I would share a few hints and tips, because costume can be so effective in ritual drama, and for bardic work, as well as for fun.

The point of costume is not necessarily to create an authentic outfit, but to create something that makes people think that they are seeing a certain thing. Often this means that you don’t need full kit – time and budget do not always permit anyway. Work out what defines the character, and get that right. Put some things with it that make a viable background for the key details. Often a few key pieces plus dark trousers/skirt and a neutral top will suffice. To make a knight, mostly what you need is a tabard. Put that over a long sleeved top and a pair of dark trousers, and you’re most of the way there. Kings, witches and pirates can all be created by having the right head gear. Often a hat is the perfect focal piece.

I maintain a stash of things for making costumes – good key pieces like hats, crowns, weaponry, etc. Veils are good. If you need to have someone play the part of a goddess in ritual (might also work for gods) a veil will set them apart from others and allow space for mystery. Having a couple of sheets you can utilise is worth a lot. Sheets become togas, cloaks, tabards, and whatever else you may need to create at very little notice. Cloaks are worth having if you mean to keep a stash – they create instant costume and can be used as part of almost anything. Sacking, if you can get it, is very useful – instant peasant attire for any period, useful as a prop, great for making animal costumes out of – I made a wild boar outfit out of sack, just a head and a lot of old feed bags. Worked brilliantly. Masks make excellent focal pieces, are also ‘instant costume’ fantastic for ritual, inherently mysterious and very easy to make.

The other point to consider is comfort. An uncomfortable costume is a nightmare and suffering people tend to ruin the effect! I was once sewn into a curtain for a costume, looked great, but turned out to be a fabric I was very allergic to. Take into account how hot it is, and how easily it is to breathe in (the afore mentioned boar costume is rather demanding in that regard.)

 I hope people find this helpful in their quests for kit!

Ancient Calendar: May 24, 2010

Morgana_smallArtist Russelle Westbrook

Our May Artists of the Month

Our Celtic Ancestors (and many of present day) will be or would have been celebrating a festival for the Three Mothers–Maiden, Mother, Crone. Known to our Ancient Celts as Matres or Matronæ. The three aspects of the Goddess was very important in many cultures. She represented seasons, the phases of women and of the Goddess herself, and of the earth. For those honoring her (in the past), she promised prosperity and a full harvest.

Alchemists will be honoring and remembering Hermes Trismegistrus today. While his story might be a bit shadowy and mysterious, he was said to have written many works on Egyptian magic, alchemy, etc. Some believed he was the reincarnation of Thoth, while others later referred to him as Hermetica. Although Hermes said himself to have written 42 volumes of his great works, many believe they were destroyed in the horrible fire that burned the Library of Alexandria down. Others claim that the books are buried in the Egyptian desert somewhere. Although the originals seem to remain unfound, many versions or copies have surfaced over the years.

Greece would have had a festival for Artemis on this day in Ancient History. A true Goddess of Night, also being the daughter of Zeus and Latona.

Here’s hoping you all enjoy your Moon-day! it’s my oldest son’s birthday today, so I will be honoring him. Fourteen and dreaming of being a rock star, I think I’ll have my hands full…….. as I live out the Mother aspect of my life.

A little announcement. Yes, Ancient Calendar is the same as Pagan Holidays. I just thought this title might be a bit more accurate. We also have our own page, located Ancient Calendar.



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