Getting to Know Your Spirit Guides

It is said that we all have Spirit Guides. Some people because of certain religions view them as angels, while others view them as beings of light, animals, and so on . I, myself, have never really concentrated too much on Spirit Guides being angels because my interests have never swayed that way. And while many Pagans chuck the concept of Angels altogether, many still hold tight to them. I was always drawn to the Fallen Angels, if anything, but then again, my mind is just weird that way.

Spirit Guides in general, though, is a popular concept despite what religion or faith someone is. Theories and opinions vary but the most common ones I have found are…

Guides can be angels, as I said, family members from a present or previous life, unknown beings from wherever, spirits in general, animals, or just volunteers stepping in to help with certain situations or life lessons.

Some people say they can actually hear the Guide’s voice, as if someone in solid form is standing in the same room with them speaking out loud.

Some say their voice sounds a bit like their own, only it comes across as a thought, during a time your mind goes blank and your not thinking of anything in particular. Its in your head, the voice. I have actually noticed this from time to time in my own personal experiences. I will kind of zone out. For instance, last year my mother asked to borrow my car so she could go to the doctor the next day. So my husband put the kid’s in our Durango while I drove my Grand AM. We stopped to get gas before hand, so my mother wouldn’t have to in the morning. That’s when I broke routine. Usually, I follow my husband when driving separate vehicles. In fact, I always do. But this time, I pulled out from the pump ahead of him, leading him and our children down the road. I was really hyped up before we left the house (too much coffee) and anxious to get the car to my mom’s and get back home to work on a manuscript. After we got gas though, it was like a Quaalude hit me. I was laid back, very calm, very serene. Then out of nowhere a voice louder than my own thoughts hits my head. It said, “Are you ready? Here it comes.” It sounds rather spooky, someone saying here it comes as if warning you to brace yourself. And you would think my heart would have pounded through my chest. But it didn’t. I was floating somewhere in a world of inner peace and contentment. In fact, I actually answered out loud, “Yep, I’m ready.” While sitting there waiting for cars, upon cars, upon cars, to go by so I could turn down into my mother’s driveway. And then BAM! Some young boy who wasn’t paying attention slammed into my husbands Durango, which in turn slammed him into me…so hard that the boy’s truck caught on fire and exploded. If my small car had been following my husband’s that day like we normally do…I wouldn’t have survived the wreck.

Now whether that was my Guide or not, who knows, but I do know it is said that they interact with your lives giving little nudges here or there. Mostly, people do not recognize them or those nudges, but rather switch direction without even thinking about it. Since most times, Guides do not always make themselves known abruptly. In fact, people go through life without ever a clue that one is there.

So how do you call a Guide?

One way a person can call forth their Spirit Guides is by meditation. In this simple exercise a person can ‘see’ who their Guides are, name them,  discover their name, and anything else they want to know.

* Simply sit down or lay down, do some sort of position in which you can relax.

* Make sure its quiet. If this is your first time trying this, then you do not want any distractions that may easily break your concentration.

* Now picture a pyramid. (If your not comfortable with a Pyramid, picture a mountain, or any large structure.) Image steps going up the structure.

* Imagine yourself taking each step, placing your foot down and rising up to the next. How it feels, how the air smells, the world or area around you no matter how surreal it maybe. Count the steps out, and take your time.

* When you reach the top of the steps, imagine a door. Image the details of the door in any which way you choose. Open the door and you will find a room that seems to be inside a portal somewhere.

*The room has windows which stare out into different places of the universe, or time, or you’re mind’s eye. A chair sits in the middle of the room and a cool breeze blows through it…a comfortable breeze.

* Now, sit in the chair and take in everything of the room. Clear your mind, don’t force any imagery. Then notice a door on the other side and ask that your Spirit Guide enters.

Now, have a conversation with whatever or whoever comes through that door.

I did not give a lot of details here because I find that, that makes it difficult for people to relax and see what comes naturally. We all see things as our minds eye knows them. The ‘way’  I know and experience them, may not be the way that you ‘know and see’ them.

The step above concerning your Spirit Guide, is something you can customize and change.  If you have no interest in steps, then walk on stones leading across a river. If you do not connect with a room, then enter a field of dreams or a boat…whatever you want. Try it my way a few times, if you are more comfortable with that, and then allow your Spirit Guide (once you meet them) to take you a different route. There are no limits to where and what you can do. So live large and good luck!


Busker’s Tales

I started busking when I was fourteen, taking a melodeon onto the streets of Gloucester, and picking up small change. I did pretty well, when I could afford the time to go. These days I either take the bouzouki or the violin. (anyone curious about what I do, have a look at for more insight).

Sometimes I make fairly good money busking, but usually it doesn’t amount to much. I do it because I love to play, especially when the weather is good. If I can make someone smile, or get a child to dance, then it’s worth it. I play folk music, so this is a way of sharing my traditions with people who might not otherwise encounter them, and it’s also a form of bardic expression, and service. So for me, busking is a manifestation of my paganism. Children today don’t hear much live music, especially not in a place like Redditch. If I can convey to anyone at all that there is more to music than The X Factor and rubbish of that ilk, then I’ve done something worthwhile.

Quite a lot of my busking experience made it into my recent short story – Dreams Come True. I thought it was about time I put it on paper. I frequently draw on personal experience for stories. I also do a fair amount of playing with people, which was something I wanted to capture with this one. Here’s a snippet…

“That’s it. Don’t think about everyone else, just focus on me.”

Maddie made eye contact, and was rewarded with a devastating smile. Her companion began to sing, and this time Maddie kept watching her face. That changed things. Instead of it feeling like they were two people playing separately, now it was one thing, made between them. One sound. Her fingers flew over the strings, and the notes came fast and true, weaving around the tune. It felt like magic, and she had no idea how it had happened.

Joy swept through her, and she could see similar delight reflected in the other’s face. Maddie forgot about the shoppers and tourists. Green eyes flecked with gold filled her awareness. Tiny shifts of expression told her where the melody would go, when to stop and where to pause. Electrified, she became confident, giving herself entirely to the music. Maddie felt a similar openness in her companion, and a sense of connection, wholly new and vivid with possibility. Nothing in her life had ever seemed as bright as this.

They played for nearly two hours, before the bells at the cathedral reminded her of the time.

Pagan Holidays for May 12, 2010


Another lovely piece from one of my favorite Artists Ana Cruz

On this day in Ancient History we have a little of the old and a farewell…

The Celtics are gonna hit us twice. First, today was once their Observance of Beltane according to their old but very cool calendar. And second, we say good bye to the Tree Month of Saille.


Wednesday is the day of Woden.

Woden is the God of knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom, & war.

Some believe Woden is also Odin—God of the Norse.

Matters & Magical Workings For Wednesday

Today is a good day to deal with matters or rituals and spells concerning anything business. Or perhaps some sort of communication. Maybe debt—something we all have these days, or what about  fear and or possibly loss? Matters or magic concerning money, or work, some type of travel. And then there’s education.

Planets and Elements

Mercury and the element Air




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