Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: August 14th: The Green Man & the Scapegoat Give Birth to the Burryman

There is a tradition owing it’s lineage to Scottish descent, called the Burryman, which may surprise you, still goes on today. Once a year in Queensferry, on this day or sometime near, one can witness this Burryman as he is said to pass by spooking children for fun and bringing great amusement to all who are near.

Burryman 5

Of course, this tradition wouldn’t even begin until the Burryman starts to hit all the pubs. And no Pub can call itself true if they don’t feed him lots of whiskey. And no Burryman shall be without his two traveling mates who are there only to make sure he doesn’t get too tired or too tipsy to finish the journey planned.

Some believe the Burryman of today is a creation of two Pagan deities. One is the, Green Man, who stood for fertility and growth, while the other was, the scapegoat, who was covered in burrs which was what snatched up and entrapped all the evil spirits as he traveled across the land.