Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: August 6th & 7th

August 6th

Today, In Celtic lore, is a festival of Tan Hill, or, otherwise known as Teinne, who is their deity of fire. A huge bonfire would be lit and then all who attended would light the fires in their own homes from the flames.

In Ancient Egypt, a festival for Thoth.

August 7th

In Egyptian Calendar, “The breaking of the Nile,” which was a day in which all Egyptians would honor Hathor.

The Ancient Greek’s would mourn the death of Adonis today, who was said to die by a wild boar while hunting. Zeus allowed Adonis to return to his beloved Aphrodite but only half a year. Half spent with her living in the light while the other half was spent in the dark underworld with Persephone.  Notice the link to the Seasons?