What’s wrong with being a witch?

I don’t know what angered me more—that tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell trashed witchcraft or that people have a problem with a Wiccan running for political office. I wasn’t the only pagan upset about this.

When I first saw the video with O’Donnell admitting to dabbling in witchcraft, I thought she was a nut ball and was glad she wouldn’t get elected since the majority of conservatives are Christian. But then I realized that by thinking that way, I was being as narrow-minded as everyone else that objects to any non-Christian religion.

Why couldn’t someone with a brain admit to being a witch? Someone who could explain Wicca/pagan practices correctly? Pagans had a chance to have a voice and instead were aligned with Devil worshippers.

So, what’s wrong with being a witch? Nothing, unless witches are truly as horrible as Christine O’Donnell described them. Thanks to her rambling nonsense, witches will have to work even harder to fix an already tarnished reputation among the mainstream population. Pagans do not worship the Devil, they don’t even believe in the Devil. The Devil is a Christian invention. I can see how people get confused, especially when the dictionary doesn’t even get it right. A witch practices Wicca.

It would be awesome to have a Wiccan elected to a political office, but it was obvious from the way O’Donnell giggled and babbled in the video that she wasn’t serious about being a witch, and she didn’t know what she was talking about. And, Ms. O’Donnell, you don’t dabble in witchcraft. Witchcraft/paganism is a lifestyle.

Kelley Heckart

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6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with being a witch?”

  1. I also was totally outraged at this unstable person …her whole demeanor is unfit for population let alone office. I can not believe the actions of people. An now we have been set back 100 years again!!! I also think we need more wiccan/pagans in public offices an the public eye. How do we become recognized as functioning, intelligent members of our communities when all we have for spokes-people are idiots??? Ok I feel better…again we need to unite an be heard for the real beliefs an lifestyle that benefit each other an the world!


  2. Hear, hear! It is as bad as all the posers who come out for talk shows around Halloween!
    I have confidence, however; look at the spokes people who have come out for Gays and Lesbians, some are nuts, but some are role models. Our time will come.


  3. Why couldn’t someone with a brain admit to being a witch?

    Well, that was the problem—Ditzo Candidate didn’t have a brain in her head. She was warned to focus on her issues and not get caught up in the accusations and fighting. So, she burned how much valuable public time but slamming witchcraft, making herself look like a moron in the process?

    I say its good news for Pagans that she isn’t, but yeah, it is a bit hair pulling. When will we actually see campaigns where the candidates actually FOLLOW the Constitution? When will we see politics without dragging religion into it?
    I’ll keep dreaming.


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