GLBT Pagan

One of the reasons I didn’t get into Wicca, was the whole issue of gender and gender identity. I started exploring paganism in my teens, and there were a lot more Wiccans than Druids about in those days. Wicca would, perhaps, have been an easier option, and in many ways I felt myself to be ‘witchy’. However, reading up, I ran headlong into the masculine-feminine polarity that seemed to me to be a very core concept, and I beat a retreat.

Many Wiccans worship The God and The Goddess, and what I’ve seen of ritual descriptions (and my one personal experience) involved some symbolic recreation of heterosexual sex and utilisation of male/female pairings. To me, Wiccan practice seemed very heterosexual, and I didn’t know how to relate to that. I‘ve always been more complex both in my preferences and my gender identification (especially in my teens) and I don’t feel easy about not seeing where GLBT folk fit in. I particularly can’t see how it works for gay guys, or people whose identity is either not about their gender at all, or more of a mingling of male and female.

My experience of Druidry is that the same gender polarity doesn’t exist within it. Yes, Druids honour Gods and Goddesses, and also entities of no gender. There’s no prioritising of heterosexual contact and fertility – we honour fertility, but it’s not the only, or even main focus. Inspiration and creativity, in a broader sense are very much more the emphasis. It would be also fair to say that I’ve encountered far more gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual Druids than I have Witches. (In fairness, I’ve encountered more Druids so I have a bigger sample population, but even so, there’s a marked difference in percentages.) I feel far more at ease being in a conceptual space that evidently has room for everyone. It’s a big, complex tribe. I like the diversity, the different kinds of energies it creates, and the different ways of doing that grow from it.

I also feel very strongly that human fertility, in a biological sense, is not an unequivocally good thing. We could, as a planet, do with a bit less of it. I’m very much in favour of children and reproduction (I have a child after all) but unbridled fertility is about the last thing we need. Channelling energy into other forms of creativity too has to be a good thing. This isn’t meant to be a dig at Wicca – it’s a faith I have great respect for – but it also isn’t for me, and I thought it worth picking over some of the whys of that.

I’d be very interested in hearing from any GLBT Wiccans – how does it work for you?