A Prayer for Authors

Since we have a number of authors who read The Pagan and the Pen, I wanted to share my personal creativity prayer.

My writing is my talent, given to me by the hand of the Divine.

Let the words, phrases, and paragraphs flow from my pen on the page. Let my fingerrs

flow across the keyboard and let the ink flow words of greatness that only the Goddess could provide.

Bless the pen and paper. Allow the worlds to flow across it. In the way that the God blessed the harvest, bless the fertile words on my page.

Bless the keyboard and fingers with the flowing creativity of the Goddess. Open the floodgates of my mind and help me use the creativity that you used to create the universe.

Let me create magic with my words.

Bless me with your divine touch to allow the creativity to overflow.

Bless my gifts so that they honour you.

Bless my gifts  so that they reflect you.

Bless my gifts so that I can honour myself and my life.

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