Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 19, 20, 21


January 19

We have an observance for Thor today in Norse culture also known as Thorrablót. On this occasion, Thor represents the spirit of winter.  Interestingly enough, Thorrablót was actually outlawed in Iceland in 1000CE or so. Two hundred years later, it resurfaced. Some common things you might see during this observance is lunch served in a wooden box. Aged shark, testicles of sheep, ewe’s face might be some of the things in it. Yum!


Today is Husband’s Day in many parts of the world.


And in Egypt, we will have the Festival of Lights which concerns and celebrates the Goddess Neith.



January 20th

Busy day in the Ancient World today!


In Wales the dogs of the underworld will be let loose tonight! Known as Cwn Annwn—if you hear their howling beware for its an omen of destruction!!!!


Today is Agnes Eve and its a time for divination by way of Fire.


Egypt will be holding a festival for Osiris so get whatever ready all you Egyptian fans and have at it!


Mark off the Celtic Calendar because the Tree Month of Beth Ends today!



January 21


Light those candles and prepare thy flame because today is Agnes’ Day whereas last night was it’s Eve. Remember, this day celebrates Divination by Fire. I for one will be lighting up because I so luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve FIRE!


Celtic Tree Month of Luis officially begins today!!!!!!!!




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