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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 1: A link between Celtic and Greek Dieties, Rome’s One and not the Other, Ancient World Vampires, Norse Syn and Ancient Egypt

Time to reflect on Celtic lore, for our Ancient Calendar reveals the Celts would have honored what they called, the Hamadryads. The Hamadryads were spirits that lived within the sacred Oak trees .

The name actually came from Greece, but in that culture, had a somewhat different meaning.

In Greek lore, the Hamadryads were not Celtic spirits but, Nymphs. The connection between these two cultures may live within the whole “tree” thing, for it is said that Nymphs were individually born with an attachment to a certain tree.

According to the Greeks, if the tree died, so did the Nymph.

Also, to harm a tree connected to a Nymph was a great crime against Greek Gods.

In fact, their Gods were said to punish anyone who maliciously set out to harm either.

Over in Rome, on June 1st, a festival for two Goddesses named Carna and Cardea would be happening. These two ladies and their purposes intertwined. Goddess Carna overlooked doors and locks, while Cardea overlooked the hinges. Also, Carna protected the larger organs of the body as Cardea protected the innocent while they slept…but from what?

The Strig.

Who were the Strig? A type of Vampire/Demon, who sucked the blood of their victims while they slept.

Today is also the Kalends of June in Ancient Roman Calendars.


Now, let us go to the land and culture of the Norse, as they were honoring one of my favorite Goddesses named, Syn. Syn not only aided Fridd, but was also valued as a protector. In order to be granted the protection of Syn, all one had to do was invoke her.

Later, she became known as a protector of those in need of justice and those on trial.

In Ancient Egypt, they are celebrating Maat and Ra, as this is the day they go forth in secret.

Pagan Holiday for November 9th, 2009


Monday is the day of the Moon Goddess. She is known by many names.

Selene, Luna, Manu… just to name a few.






November 8th, 2009 is the day of…
Observance of Thesmophoria


The Observance of Thesmophoria in Ancient Greece was a day to honor the Goddess Demeter.




Demeter represented agriculture and marriage.



There were certain rules to this festival and not everyone could attend. Only two women from each district of the city could go, and those women had to be of Attic Lineage and of blameless reputation.

The two women would perform the sacred rites of Demeter and help prepare the ritual meal.



Make sure to check back tomorrow to see what Pagan Holidays fall on November 10th!!!!!


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