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Biodynamic Course

I’m running a biodynamic course over 6 Saturdays in 2011 – Working with the Moon & Stars

1.      16 April – Using the Calendar. This first Saturday gets you going with understanding the basics of biodynamic gardening, what it is, what it does and how to work it.

2.      21 May – Prep 500. Using the horn manure preparation. We make the preparation today, bring a jam jar with lid and you can take some home for your garden

3.      18 June – Prep 501. Using the horn silica preparation

4.      23 July – Cow-Pat-Pit. Making and using this starter preparation

5.      1 October – Horn Stuffing. Making horn manure, preparation 500

6.      12 November – Composting. Using the compost preparations
Cost: £45/day or £250 if you book all 6 days together

Venue: Archenland – details of how to get here sent when you book

Time: 1030-1600

Lunch: bring a dish to share with everyone

Contact us to reserve a place for the series – get going with biodynamics, it’s organics with Oomph !!!

Wye’s Women

Elen Sentier & Jennie Russell-Smith

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Spirit Dolls

Spirit Dolls are a way of embodying the spirits who wish to work with you. Giving the spirit a physical form enables it to work consciously with you, you bond with the spirit and it with you.

The word Doll comes from the Greek name Dorothy, meaning gift of the gods so the spirit Doll is a gift from you to the gods, the a gift from the gods back to you when enspirited. This workshop, we will make Spirit Dolls and invite the spirit that wishes to work with each of us to come enspirit the Doll.

The workshop is held in Jennie’s vegetarian cafe, lunch, coffee and tea are included. Please bring with you any special things that you would like to include in your doll, otherwise materials will be provided. The workshop will include …

* What are spirit dolls and who uses them
* A journey to meet the spirit of your Doll
* Making the doll
* Ritual embodying the spirit
* Stories, chants, drumming, rattling as part of the ritual and journey
* Both women & men are invited

* Date: 23 Jan 2011
* Cost: £50
* Venue: Hereford
* Time: 10.30am to 5pm

* Contact us to book your place

Elen Sentier & Jennie Russell-Smith Celtic Shamans

Celtic shaman – Elen Sentier Slanting Light

Rainbow Warrior Thoughts

Dawn over Dunkery Beacon

Students often tell me they find applying to the Rainbow Warriors course feels scary. This is good. If you feel something of the size of the change you are making to your life then it sounds like the powers are speaking with you … and you’re listening. The questions in the application are supposed to provoke and to make you think. One student asked me about the Saturn return and why I don’t accept folk before they have gone through this and my answer may be useful to others.

Saturn return – when you’re born the planet Saturn is in a particular position (along with all the others in your astrology chart). Approximately 29 years later it returns to the same place it was when you were born.

Saturn is very much about structure, the skeleton of your life-path, that which enables you to stand up rather than be a blob of jelly J. The Old Man comes around three times in most people’s lives. Each time it is like a form of death/rebirth and usually heralds changes in the person’s life, job, relationships. When the person is ripe for awakening the changes are about their commitment to Life, the Universe and Everything (to quote a delightful sci-fi book, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, LOL). People who haven’t got to this change in their lives are often unsure and unwilling (quite rightly) to make commitments that are not “personal”. The commitments you will be asked for if you wish to awaken to your soul-path will be  about what you can do for the Planet, the rest of Creation, rather than for yourself.

It’s a growing up thing. While Rainbow Warriors will grow you personally, to great depths and breadths, that growth comes about from giving your love and commitment to the Earth. And , in due course, all life whether in the solar System, this galaxy or the whole universe. Yup, big stuff ! but no greater than you can handle, with training and support. Otherworld desperately needs more people who are willing to work with them towards the evolution of all.

This is the shaman’s path. It can be a tough decision and a hard path but everyone I know who follows it is filled with joy … not happiness but joy. They feel connected to the Earth, to Life, to all things. They sense, feel, see the threads that link us, through which we transmit and receive life-giving energy. And they know everything as their brother/sister … not as an enemy/stranger to be feared and fought but soul-friends who all help each other.

  • Dunkery Beacon is one of the places we use for journey and ritual in Rainbow Warriors.

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Wye’s Woman Rainbow Warrior

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Celtic shaman – Elen Sentier Numerology

Wye’s Woman

I’m adding to the teaching I do for 2011, this is about some of the new work …

Wye’s Woman is about walking and sitting in the wisdom of the Land.

Most people live in towns and cities nowadays, they are not used to seeing a vast expanse of sky over them but have to peer up between rooftops to get a glimpse of sky. The times we live in do not encourage us to be still and quiet, to do nothing but listen and hear, feel, see, smell, taste, touch. If we go out, we have to be doing something, have a purpose and a goal, be able to tick the box when we get home.

The shaman’s journey is different. S/he goes out into the Land, not to change it but to be changed by it, by Her … the Celtic tradition feels the Earth, the Land, as feminine, as the goddess and calls her Sovereignty.

The goddess is in all things, from the smallest atom of rock to the hugest mountain. She is in tees and plants; animals, insects, birds; the soil and rocks and water; the air, warmth and light. She is within us too – if we will be still long enough to notice. She is in the River Wye, my home and mother-river, flowing around the land in which I live and she asks me to introduce her to others. So … Wye’s Woman.

The work is a lot about stillness, quietness, not talking but just being .. and opening up to hear the Lady, the goddess, speaking to us. This can be quite scary. You feel vulnerable, edgy. On the workshops you are encouraged to sit with these feelings, allow them to pass over and through you. This process washes you clean, makes space for the concepts the goddess wants to show you to come in.

The work is a form of shapeshifting, you let go of the shape-self you knew before and allow a new you to begin to grow. Most people who are interested will find the experience very deep, moving them into a new space. It’s usually a small but significant change that comes about – the goddess never pushes you beyond your limits but she can push you right to the edge.

Celtic World Tree

There are seven quests, between Imbolc and Samhain each year, exploring facets of our relationship to the goddess from the perspective of the seven points of the Celtic World Tree.

They all take place at sacred sites near the river Wye. I lead you into the Land and hold the energy for you but first we talk, I tell about the theme for that day, what we will do, what to expect.

We work through journeying, visioning, questing, poetry, song, dance and storytelling but most of all through listening in various forms of stillness. You can be still while walking, dancing, singing even …

The workshops cost £75/day, email Elen Sentier to find out more.

walk in the worlds of the Goddess
between the two lights
the twilight of sun and moon

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