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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 7

Lots going on in Ancient Egypt today, which happens to be one of my favorite cultures. I also think its fitting because this month is Women’s Empowerment Month here at P&P.

One thing Egypt has is very strong and empowered women. In fact, one of the things that I admired most of this culture was the fact that their women didn’t cling to any Great Gods to save them but rather took matters into their own hands and saved themselves.

We have seen a lot of Sekhmet and today is no different. Once again, because she is most deserving, she’s honored in Egypt. Sekhmet was not only testament to all women–being a strong warrior and protector, but she also brought the Dead cake and wine in the Underworld daily.

Also today in Egypt, there will be a festival of Isis. Now Isis was the Goddess of many things (why she is called the Goddess of a Thousand Names) but today she is remembered for being the Patron of Women, Children, Magic, and Medicine.

So on this day, whether you are Pagan or not, perhaps you could take some time to yourself…let your mind heal, so to speak and get in touch with your inner Goddess—the real woman that lives inside of you. Maybe you can see your children with new eyes and you’re importance to them. Remember that you are their protector and Patron. Remember that your love has the power to change the world you live in….because when it comes down to it, it is your world. Remember that magic isn’t divining tools and cauldrons but something that lives inside of you—energy. And that you can make anything happen no matter what the odds.


How To Heal Ourselves And Our Sisters



As hard as life is, it’s real easy to stay in a horrible situation or allow a tragedy to drag you further under until you’re completely drowned. It’s always easier to believe the ‘bad’ about ourselves and choke on it, rather than realize the greatness about ourselves and let it slide down in order to find a more permanent home. Why is that?

Why is it so hard for women to know their worth? What….do we think that if we are suddenly strong then no man or other woman will want us because he/she will be intimidated by that or that no man/woman will ever pay for dinner or open doors because we have burned our bras and taken a stand?

Will we lose friends because misery loves company not new beginnings and better attitudes of life. We will lose family because they will no longer be able to stomach our so call new attitudes and will think us uppity….and I say so what.

If the man or woman in your life dumps you then guess what…there shall be another who thrives on women who are self empowered and strong. You can be independent and someone will still open a door or pick up the check. You may lose friends who would rather drown in their own muck and drama but you will find new ones who are filled with the same light and life that your beaming with. Who knows, maybe your old friends will catch on and follow.

And guess what, the family that shut their door probably isn’t all rosy and merry to begin with, nor have they stood behind you when you needed someone to.

The fact is this…and you don’t have to be a Pagan to realize it, but only YOU are holding yourself back. Only YOU are keeping one foot in the grave and refusing to let go. Only YOU let that person abuse you. And only YOU forgot how to believe in yourself and KNOW your true worth—which is priceless.

So…to find yourself again…

I want you to run a bath, or take a walk into the woods, or lock the door to the bedroom (whatever creates a space of serenity for you). I want you to light a candle and take a few deep breaths. Breathe in life and exhale the muck that is keeping you from experiencing it. When you feel the stress, sadness, or despair leave you, then say a prayer….but your not praying to a higher deity….your not praying to anyone else…you are praying, conjuring your true self from within….and allow that goddess, that strong woman, that talented mother,sister, friend, lover to rise up to the surface….and take control of her life and world.

Will it be easy after that? Most days, yes…but here’s a tip….

The days that are not easy may simply mean you are causing yourself to swim up stream. It means your life might be going the wrong direction and that it needs another cleansing….YOU need to clean house, throw things away, walk away for awhile so you know what needs to be shut up and out, and you need to change YOUR world.

And it is YOUR world…no one can come in unless you let them. Yes, some people pass by, breeze in and out, but that’s window shopping. We decide if we pick it up, purchase it, and give them a permanent home. Now decide to toss it out or don’t buy it. And whenever things become cluttered…light that candle again….call out and pray to yourself…RAISE the true Goddess within to the surface…

And remember, things are only as complicated as you allow them to be. It’s your world now heal yourself and take it back!