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Unikirja-Dream Book Book Review

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Unikirja-Dream Book

Author: K.A. Laity
Publisher: AINO PRESS

P.O. Box 3104, Albany NY 12203-0104



Genre: Pagan, Paranormal, Magical

Length – # OF PAGES: 171

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Book/Card Rating: 4.5

Review by: Rie McGaha


K.A. Laity has written a marvelous collection of stories that have the dreamlike quality of bedtime stories. I was mesmerized by these stories with their intelligence, simplicity and warmth. From the very first story with its simple message that life has its ups and downs for everyone, to the humor of Raising Lempi, you will want to savor every word, every page and read this book over and over. The warmth and peacefulness these stories bring to the reader feels like a big, comfortable blanket on a cold wintry day. I am just so impressed, I can’t say enough for Unikirja-Dream Book, except what a wonderful treat.