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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: July 20: Thoth


In Ancient Egyptian Calendar, as we have seen, this month seems like a BIG one. Today proves to be no different as the Ancient Egyptians would have been having a Feast for Thoth.

Thoth might have been one of the most popular gods, who not only survived myth and time, but also found his way into other cultures and belief systems. (Think Hermes, etc). Thoth was famous in Egyptian history, though, for inventing writing, astronomy, music, art and time and magic.

Many believe that Thoth wrote The Emerald Tablets, and may have even come from Atlantis. When the city was destroyed, however, Thoth was told by his masters of light to go into the North and create a city of enlightenment there which would spread the truth and wisdom of Atlantis, forever more. Thoth did, and created Egypt.

So today, light your candles for Thoth for all the marvelous things he did and may still be doing. I know I will as he has always had a special place in my heart—for some weird reason or another lol.


Pagan Holidays for May 14, 2010


We have a little Sun at Midnight, a little Isis, and some Runes for you on this day in Ancient History.


Our Ancient Ancestors of Norway would have been honoring their Norse Goddess of the Sun during a festival called Midnight Sun. The name alone makes me want to throw a temper tantrum that I can’t really hop back in time and check it out. Oh well, maybe I’ll take on a new pen name or run off and rename myself Midnight Sun just to raise a few brows. Or maybe I’ll save such coolness to my next incarnation.


You know it’s spring and you know it’s the time of Beltane, so of course every culture will be cramming their Goddesses of Fertility into this month.  I say they all need to stand in line (because I’m in a selfish mood) and so steps forth Isis, the lady i dig most of all.

Isis is known as the Goddess of a Thousand Names. Why? Why not, I say. She does it all from fertility, protection, magic, peace, and whatever else you have in mind. Isis is the patron of beasts and people, because no one can multitask quite like her.

So I am a bit excited today because our Ancient Ancestors of Egypt would have been holding a Festival today in her honor. (What the hell is wrong with present Egypt? Get with the program and be as smart as those who once walked those sands.)

So while present Egypt breaks my heart, Ancient Egypt would have also remembered Thoth on this great day. Because of Thoth, according to ancient calendar, he appeared with Shu, returning Tefnut to Egypt. Rock on Thoth, because we need some Tefnut, that’s for sure! After all, she—sister of Shu–the god of Sunlight—was also daughter of Atum. And having been a cool Goddess, Tefnut presided over rain and moisture. So all hail a little rain today, if it so comes your way.


And in the name of all that is fertile and fertilizing, I say we pay special attention to the Runic Half month beginning today known as Ing. Ing just so happened to be the male consort (that’s lover, baby) of the Mother Goddess of Earth. He happens to be marked by the rune of Light and while he will become alive under the passionate arms of the Goddess, he will bring to us energy and the growth of midsummer.





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