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The Secret Key to the Tarot Interview

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Occult Times interviews the author Sirius Rising about his latest book, “The Secret Key to the Tarot”.

Occult Times: This is the second book you’ve written about Tarot.

Sirius Rising: Yes, that’s correct. My first book is The Tarot and Sex Magick.

Occult Times: Why did you feel the need to write another Tarot book.

Sirius Rising: The Tarot and Sex Magick is really meant for the advanced Tarot and Magick student. The Sex Magick techniques in the book are based on the teachings of Aleister Crowley.

I never recommend that a student begins his or her journey into Magick with Crowley. He’s really a place to end, rather than a starting point. It’s true that I began my spiritual path with the inspiration of Crowley, but I wouldn’t advise that for everyone.

Also, the Tarot and Sex Magick book also looks into curses. That is not a popular subject these days. There is also a dark side to the Tarot not much understood by Tarot readers today.

Occult Times: Would you say that the rituals in the book, namely sex magick and curses are Black Magick?

Sirius Rising: Well, only in the sense that any rituals designed to achieve material gains are a form of black magick. Personally, I see little distinction between White and Black Magick. They are both about the subjugation of the magician’s Will. When the Christian, Muslim or Jew worships God and puts their lives in His hands, then they have subjugated their Will to God. That is what White Magick really is, and clearly a huge percentage of the world practices White Magick.

There is also a lesser known Middle Way Magick, which is known as Buddhism. But that’s a story to be told in another book.

Occult Times: So, would you say that your new book “The Secret Key to the Tarot” is an introduction to Tarot or Magick?

Sirius Rising: Well, both really. There have, of course, been many excellent introductions to the Tarot written over the past 100 years. Crowley’s Book of Thoth is a masterpiece in that it explains Tarot’s profound link with the Ancient Mystery Traditions  such as the Qabalah. Apart from “Magick without Tears”, Crowley never wrote in a simple manner as he assumed he was writing for his disciples who were already thinking in harmony with his philosophy.

My book looks at the Tarot as an initiation ritual that many call the Path of the Fool. It’s an initiation that we all take in our own lives. They are rites of passage in life, which are the way markers and sign posts. Unfortunately, most people get hopelessly lost on the journey of life. This ends in confusion, resentment and ultimately despair. The Tarot is the perfect spiritual road map. I have little doubt, as Crowley did, that Tarot was carefully formulated in Ancient Egypt by the priest class as a gift to their fellow human beings.

Occult Times: Can you sum up the Path of the Fool?

Sirius Rising: The first half of the new book examines the Path or journey that all of us take. It consists of an outbound and an inbound journey. The Path of the Fool is the Major Arcana. The first 11 cards from the Fool to the Wheel of Fortune describe the outward journey. This is really the descent of the young and seeking soul from her blissful state of rest in the Great Mother’s womb into the chaos and chance of the material world. If you like, it’s the same descent from Kether to Malkuth in the Tree of Life.

The next 11 Major Arcana describe the inward journey back to the beginning point of the next life. All of us take our experience from this life and feed it back into our collective unconscious state ready for the next reincarnation. But as I said, the journey can be a lot less confusing with a tool such the Tarot to guide you.

Occult Times: You describe the book as an introduction to Tarot. Does that include how to use traditional spreads such as the Celtic Cross?

Sirius Rising: Yes, most certainly. After the card descriptions and how they relate to the Path of the Fool, I examine three different readings from real life by using three different spread techniques. When I say from beginner to advanced user, I mean that not only will the student be able to read the cards for themselves or for a client, but they will be approaching the readings from a magical or occult perspective.

Occult Times: What is your next book about?

Sirius Rising: I’m working on a book that shows the Path of the Fool from a Buddhist point of view. Again, with Tarot being used as a tool to illuminate the Buddhist teachings. This is what I referred to as the Middle Path of Magick.

Occult Times: I look forward to interviewing you about that book.

You can find The Secret Key to the Tarot here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Secret-Key-Tarot-beginner-advanced-ebook/dp/B07BPCZ6YQ/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= 

Dear Spirit, Friday, July 2, 2010-New job, same company; Mixtures of Suits in a Reading

“I’ve been working for a good company for a few months now, they offer decent benefits, including reimbursing you for any college or vocational school you go for.  There is much potential for growth. I’m interested in applying for a new position within the company, which I believe will be a good move in the right direction for me. What do the cards say? Thank you for your advice.” CWB, St. Louis, MO

In this recovering economy, it is always a positive message to hear that someone actually has opportunity open to them for something new, something more that allows for growth and possibility. As I shuffled the cards, the thought came to me that the company you are with has much potential, but I feel that isn’t as important in this instance as you developing your potential. My reaction is it is time to work smarter, not harder, and I think you are realizing this, too. With that stated, the cards pulled as follows: ‘9’ card-Illusion (The Moon), reversed; Six of Pentacles, reversed; Ace of Cauldrons, upright; and King of Pentacles, upright.

The reversed Illusion card tells me much. There is a lot going on inside you. You are feeling a rise in consciousness, a spiritual awakening. Karma is calling to you, it is time to sow a new path, one that no longer limits life for you. You’ve been receiving a lot of messages in your dreams, as the Illusion card is all about the subconscious and psychic abilities beginning to surface. My feeling is your intuition is on target and you should see where it leads you to as you have been dealing with emotional highs and lows trying to figure out who you are becoming. This is definitely a time when you need to follow your “gut”, not your reason because something is calling to you to open up yourself to the unlimited possibilities of the universe in your pursuit of a new and improved you. The reversed Six of Pentacles tells me the obvious urge, the surface urge for your desire for change is that money is tight right now and you are looking for more stability in terms of your finances, hence an allegedly better paying position. That’s fine, but the energy surrounding you is insisting there is more for you on many other levels ON TOP OF better money and that is the “voice” you should be listening to in the long run. If your company offers, as a benefit to you, tuition reimbursement, you should definitely pursue whatever training and/or education you can in order to better yourself on all levels. The upright Ace of Cauldrons tells me new beginnings are definitely on the horizon, odds are you will get the job you’re interested in because all aces are about new beginnings, and the number ‘1’ is the number of creative power and potential. The trick is to see what you can do with all this power coming at you and how you can utilize it to make the most of your possibilities. The King of Pentacles, upright, tells me you are going to work with an individual who will more than likely be in a supervisory position over you who has a lot of good old fashioned common sense. This individual has made a lot of money through hard work and patience, realizing if one plays the “game” right, money will flow. The upright King of Pentacles is telling me if you continue to apply yourself, you can reach great heights in your quest for success, but have patience, be methodical and plan well for better and much longer lasting results.  Good fortune to you, CWB!


When you perform a tarot reading, don’t limit your interpretations to the face value depicted on the cards. One of the first things I do when pulling a spread is gather them in, psychically, mentally, emotionally and physically. Let’s say your client asks a question about his love life. Just because he asks about that area, does not mean all cups will appear. As a general rule, the tarot always tells the querent what they need to hear, not what they desire to hear. In fact, if too many of one suit appears in a spread, it is generally indicative of imbalance. Too many cups, for this particular querent, may indicate entirely too much emotional energy, while a predominance of Pentacles could mean the querent is too materialistic with regard to his approach to the relationship.

CUPS: Cups are linked to matters of the heart. They relate how we FEEL about people, situations, and things. The Cups are also connected to the imagination, psychic activity, dreams , visualization, inner processes, relationships, receptivity and reflection, fantasy and fertility. Cups symbolize the heart, the emotional center and the womb which nurtures and creates new growth. The element water represents feelings. A full cup that runneth over can represent emotional abundance while a closed or upside down cup, can be indicative of a lack of emotional expression or creativity. When Cups appear in a spread they are telling the reader how the querent feels emotionally about their question. When Cups appear with Wands it is telling us how we feel emotionally about our relationships, ideals, goals, aspirations and dreams. It can also reveal how you apply energy (Wands) toward manifesting or creating your dreams. When Cups appear with Swords we are now applying codes of morality and ethics, the right and wrong of our approach to our relationships, ideals, goals, aspirations or dreams. When Cups appear with Pentacles, this appearance can indicate how we feel about the physical aspects of our lives (for example, career, property, finances, etc.)

WANDS: Ideals aspirations, dreams, energy, growth, enterprise, animation, glory, self-growth, inspiration, spirit, initiation, enthusiasm, desire, passion, perception, action, movement, optimism, sexuality…the Wands respond to questions having to do with job, school, career or a creative venture or project. Wands are the life-force energy to make you want to work to obtain your desires. If Wands appear with Cups it is how you apply your ideals and energy toward your emotional state of mind and how you feel emotionally about your methods used to manifest your dreams. If Wands appear with Swords it means that you are now questioning how moral your ideals, aspirations and dreams are, but as much as you want to do something, when Swords come into the picture, the morality about your wish or desire comes into play. You really are weighing the pros and cons of your approach to achieving your dreams. If Wands appear with Pentacles it is HOW you apply your ideals, dreams and aspirations in ways that actually physically create your destiny. When these two suits combine, they deal with the physical manifestation of your goals.

SWORDS: this suit is all about morality, ethics, the right and/or wrong. The Swords are associated with those areas of life which must be taken very seriously such as trouble, strife, courage, authority, health, laws and so forth. Swords will always indicate a mental level of consciousness. Any time that you pull a Sword, it will indicate the quality of mind that is present in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs at that time. If Swords appears with Cups, questions arise about the morality of your question, and concerns your morals and ethics in relationship to your emotional state of being regarding your question. For example, if you ask about the success of your adulterous love affair, the Sword is a serious indicator of the internal battle between your idea of right and wrong about the issue. If Swords appear with Wands you are now applying your morals to your actions used to create your ideal situation, aspirations and dreams. If Swords appear with Pentacles, there are questions concerning the moral issues resulting from the physical manifestations of the pursuit of your dreams, i.e., absolute power corrupts absolutely, if you become greedy in your success, that imbalance could lead to a painful loss of that you have worked so hard to acquire.

PENTACLES: this suit is all about physical things and manifestation on the material plane. The Pentacles are the results of what we do with our lives in order to manifest physicality and is associated with money, goods, services, work, our status in relationship to property and possessions. When the Pentacles and Cups appear in a reading, this combination deals with how we feel emotionally about the physical things in our life. When Pentacles and Wands show, it is what we do with our creative energy (Wands) which will decide the quality of Pentacles produced. We can have positive achievements or negative, we can produce loss or abundance. When Pentacles and Swords appear, it means that it is time to deal with the moral and ethical issues of our physical acquisitions we gain throughout our life.

When I read a spread, I allow the energy exchange between myself and the querent, the marvelous imagery of a tarot deck, the numerological, astrological, psychological aspects of the cards to guide me in assisting a querent. I respect the tarot for what it is, a powerful tool that can provide the answer one seeks, provided the reading is approached with respect and an open mind.

Until next month, everyone, enjoy your Independence Day in a way most suited to you and yours. Above all be safe and have fun!


Erin Sinclair, “For love that’s out of this world!” (www.erinsinclairauthor.com)

Dear Spirit, June 4, 2010, New relationship on the Horizon, All About the Suits of the Tarot

 Welcome to another Dear Spirit folks!  Due to internet issues, I couldn’t finish my Dear Spirit column and post it in time and I do apologize profusely.  Here it is in all its (late) glory!  Today a young woman asks for a reading regarding a young man she’s just started dating, BUT, as usual spirit tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. 😀  Also, a discourse on the suits of the tarot and what they mean.

“Hi, I’m a 26 year old woman who lives in the midwest.  I’ve just started dating a co-worker and we seem to be getting along well.  Would you provide a reading on the energies around us?  Also, I should add I just recently ended a relationship with a man that was going no where.  Once I left he wanted me back and promised me the sun, moon and stars only after I left.  I don’t get it, what do the cards have to say?  Thank you, AK, Owasso, OK

AK, when I read your e-mail my first thought was there was more to this matter than the questions presented at hand.  There is a “weight” to your email, a worry that has more to do with you and how you are doing than the relationships you’ve asked about.  Therefore, when I pulled the cards, I wasn’t surprised to find you pulled the Knight of Cauldrons, reversed; the Two of Swords, reversed; and the Five of Pentacles, upright.

In reference to your question with regard to your co-worker you are dating–with the reversed Knight of Cups, bear in mind that all Cups represent possible addictions.  He’s still in his party animal stage and you may want to pay attention to any signs that indicate he does so way too much.  The Knight of Cups in this reading represents a young man who is in disguise.  He’s not being honest with you in some fashion, you don’t have the whole story.  I have a strong feeling that something is wrong and you’re not seeing it at this time.  My comment to this is, it takes time to get to know someone before you can judge a potential future with them.  I say have fun, but be very aware that there’s more to this person than you realize and not all of it good (which is appropos for most people).  Another facet to the Knight of Cups reversed is there is competition or a rival for love or he is using friendship for sexual gain.  The competition may be coming from your ex, as in perhaps the ex is gearing up to “fight” for you and try to regain your heart and attention, or from a significant other with the young man, either way keep your wits about you, your emotions in check until you find out the truth of the matter and realize what you really do and do not want in your life.  If the relationship has already hit the “sexual step” bear in mind that you are both consenting adults and what you do behind closed doors is your business, however, if at any time you’re feeling used as a physical pit stop, once again it’s time to explore where you are at and what you want out of this person, or for your life with regard to the relationship.  As for your ex, I think we tend to realize what we have once it’s gone, but my question has always been, why did it take my leaving for you to realize it?  My attitude has always been, telling me what I want to hear AFTER the fact is like locking the barn door after the horse escapes.  I needed to hear those wonderful things DURING the relationship otherwise the person saying it isn’t speaking TRUTH.  What they really want is for the status quo not to change as they were perfectly comfortable in the relationship at my expense.  THAT IS JUST ME, HOWEVER. 😀  You have obviously decided the former relationship isn’t worth keeping.  The ex will get it sooner or later and move on.

The Two of Swords, reversed, tells me you made the right decision in leaving your ex and have achieved peace of mind after you have made a choice.  The consequence is harmony.  An intriguing aspect to the reversed Two of Swords is be aware of people you deal with, some will not be honest with you, be impartial in your thinking, mind matters more than heart at this moment.  A bell chimed in my mind when this card popped up because it advises me that neither the current young man you are dating nor your ex are being honest with you and if it is worth your time, get to the bottom of what is “off” about the current “beau” and know you made the correct decision about the former.

Now, the Five of Pentacles, upright, indicates you must combine your abilities (on all levels) with right timing.  You are experiencing financial setbacks.  This makes total sense if, say, you were living with your ex and sharing expenses, now you are taking care of all of your own expenses.  Therefore, watch your spending habits like a hawk, save rather than spend, budget yourself well until the money storm passes.  I’m also feeling you are experiencing a delay in receiving financial benefits (i.e., a raise, bonus, promotion).  My strong thoughts are you are concerned about many areas of your life at the moment, health, finances, work, relationships, material and emotional insecurity. You feel an acute lack of love and sexual fulfillment and are looking for that special someone to fill the void.  Just know filling that void with your positive growth and development is paramount to your continuous success, no one can do that for you except you.  Know that you’re working toward these goals and you will achieve it, but you have to patience and an open mind to the possibilities and potential help around you.  Also, you may not have issues where you are currently employed, but your present employment does not fulfill your needs.  Keep yourself aware of new avenues of potential.  If you have been with your employer for a long time, perhaps it’s time to have “The Talk” i.e., look Boss, here’s my worth, here’s what I bring to you, here’s what I need, etc.  Worst case scenario they tell you where you stand with them, you don’t receive what you are asking for and everything remains the same.  Best case scenario you learn information that may just aid you in taking the next step in your continued growth.

Good fortune to you, AK! 

Now, I thought I’d give you some information about the suits of the tarot,  their meanings and what they represent. 


 There are four suits in the minor arcana of the tarot. The Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords.

The Cups and Pentacles are the two female suits of the tarot.  They are womb symbols and embrace the female aspects of the feminine. These principles are characterized as negative (not good or bad, but meaning a different polarity—the yin inside us all), passive, dark (as in enigmatic, hidden, i.e., the subconscious), nurturing, mysterious, the moon, the emotional and non-rational qualities where intuition is relied upon more than logical thought.

The Wands and the Swords are the two masculine suits as they are representative of phallic symbols. They are the masculine principle characterized as positive (yang), active, energetic, assertive, fiery, the sun, creative and rational thought.


In order to better understand the different qualities of each, use your imagination to give each suit a personality. This does not mean that when Wands appear in a spread we are only talking about a man. It can be about a woman as well, depending on the other cards pulled in the spread. I find my sixth sense of the client and all of the cards pulled will confirm the sex of a person seen in the cards when it is necessary to indicate if an actual individual plays a hand in the energetic circumstances surrounding the querent.

CUPS-WATER-FEMALE: soft, flowing, gentle, emotional, loving, sensitive, imaginative, intuitive and laid back. This type of energy is reminiscent of a sheltered Southern Bell type of woman. She is nurturing toward her family, perhaps likes the arts (i.e., poetry, painting) is very intuitive, but she can also be moody and changeable like flowing water. As I am from the South, I remind the reader that Southern women are known as steel magnolias for a reason. They are the backbone of their clan and are a force to be reckoned with if crossed or protecting what matters to them. The image of flood waters creating great destruction comes to mind with this comment. Other cards in the spread are a general indicator of the individual you may see for the querent.

PENTACLES-EARTH-FEMALE: strong, dependable, down to earth, no-nonsense type of personality. She is also loving and nurturing, reminding one of a rugged country woman. In today’s society she could be likened to a practical working woman who cares for family, pays the bills, keeps her eye on expenses and bargains, monitors the checking account. She is a survivor in the truest sense of the word. The image of an earthquake moving a mountainside comes to mind when dealing with a female connected to Earth when she is pushed too far or determined to achieve a long sought after goal. She is a force to be respected. She can move heaven and earth to achieve her goals or rock your world, if pushed too far.

WANDS-FIRE-MALE: spirited, sporty, very sexual, adventurous man. He is very enterprising and is always looking for excitement, ways to promote himself at work, with new projects or just life in general. He is fun, dynamic, creative, imaginative, industrious, productive, inventive. Definitely a personality to take the initiative, can be scathing, heated, impetuous, sarcastic, will burn you with his wit and scathing tongue if his temper is inflamed.  I usually experience very dashing personalities when Wands appear in a spread.  It lets me know the querent has the ability to tap into this energy it’s only a matter of if they want to utilize such dynamic possibilities to find their answers.  In terms of nature, a warm campfire on a cool night is one aspect of these fiery personalities or a raging forest fire destroying everything in its wake, another facet.  These cards often represent activating energy, and the personalities that vibrate to this energy, firestarters.  They are definitely powerful in their intentions, it just depends are much these souls wish to bring their desires into fruition because their “heat” can definitely clear the way for them.

SWORDS-AIR-MALE: air pertains to the mind, which at times can be very analytical, cold and judging or piercing, decisive and knowledgeable. This suit represents an extremely intelligent individuals.   They can be lawyers, computer programmers or even military.  They are straightforward and direct, ambitious, calculating and sometimes aggressive, but can be one to defend, to demand justice, to clarify facts so that the best decision is made for all concerned. Because the Swords have to do with morals, it involves making judgments. This personality can be as powerful and demanding as the CEO of a corporation or as protective and defending as a police officer. These people can also batter you with their intellect.  They can be ruthless adversaries, patronize and belittle you with their minds in order to achieve what they believe will be the upper hand.  However, they are also the Einsteins of the world.  Their powerful thoughts can alter the course of life events.  They absolutely make an impact that will be far reaching in its consequences.

When reading the tarot all facets of the cards (from suits, to imagery, to numerology, astrology, etc.) must be taken into consideration.  Each of these symbols speaks to the subconscious mind as they are archetypal iamges of the first order.  When you see the imagery in a reading, take a moment to let it all sink in, then start to speak to your querent.  You will find your imagination, your psychic sense will resonate to the energy of the suits in the spread and it will open you to the necessary energetic connection to your client in order to provide the answers the querent needs to their issue at hand.

Next month, the mixture of suits in a reading and what each one potentially means in connection with others, then we’ll discuss the major arcana, numerology, and astrology all in connection with the tarot, so stay tuned!

Until next month, dear readers and if you’d like a free reading, I can be reached at erin_sinclair_writer@yahoo.com or erinsinclairwriter@gmail.com.


Erin Sinclair (www.erinsinclairauthor.com)

The Tarot and the Mysteries of Love and Sex

For those of you who would like to see a sample of the deck, here you are!