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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June24 : Old Midsummers Day and the most Powerful Time to Gather Herbs

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For all those who love to dabble in herbs, it is said that today, plants are the most powerful. In days of old, herbs, plants and flowers were gathered all because many believed their magical powers were at an all time high.

And, if you celebrate Old Midsummers Day, as our Ancestors did, then feel free to light the bonfires on this night to celebrate the peak of the year.

Those who lived in England, Wales and Ireland celebrated Midsummers, which merged comfortably with the Summer Solstice.

Festivals were had all across the land with Pagans dancing and celebrating around huge fires as big as men could make them.

Ancient Egyptians would celebrate the Festival of the Burning of the Lamps on this day at Zau. Zau was a city that was positioned within the Nile Delta.