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The Origins of the Star, Pentacle, Pentagram


The star , known as a Pentagram or Pentacle, has come to have great meaning and power over the decades to both Pagan and others. It has remained, regardless of religion, in some way or form.

But where did it surface from? What does it mean? And what does it continue to stand for?


The star itself can be traced back to Ancient times as nearly every culture laid claim to it. The Goddess Kore, who was worshipped by the Pythagorean mystics knew that if you cut an apple crosswise, it revealed the star in its center marked by her sacred seeds.

Some ancients called it the star of Ishtar, of Isis, of Nephthys. While in some cultures it meant life and health, in Egypt, it came to represent the underground womb. And even still, from there it’s uses and purposes grew. In Babylon, they were famous for drawing the star on pots and pottery invoking its power to help preserve what was in them. Even those of biblical times, adapted the power of the star as being the first holy sign of their seven seals. Why even King Solomon’s legendary magic ring was made of a star.

While the upright star also symbolized the Goddess, it  brought protection and knowledge. While Christians today will make the sign of a cross over their chest, Ancient Pagans would make the sign of the pentagram over theirs.

Start at the left breast, then to forehead, then right breast, then left shoulder, right shoulder, then end it at the left breast.  This symbolized not only protection but completion.

Pretty neat, hu?

Over time, though, the meaning of the star changed, and even today, many Pagans and non-Pagans forgot it’s origins. We have been taught to fear the star, especially when we see it represented in this way.

Pentacle 2 But in Ancient times, the upside down star simply represented the God. It especially became popular when a man was placed in the center, calling him “He of the five shapes.” Also known as the horned God, representing four horned and sacred animals: the bull, ram, goat, and stag. The fifth shape was that of a man.

This was adapted by Satanists sometime later, and then the stereotypes and fear grew from there for whatever reason. (Usually misrepresentation, lack of knowledge, or speculation.) But back in the day, the Horned god nor the upside down star ever represented anything evil or frightening.

Sadly, though, even today, many Pagans do not know the origins of the upside down star. A perfect example– I did a newsletter some odd years ago, using a piece of Royo art to set it off. The warrior woman had on a necklace with an upside down star on it. To me, the woman represented the Goddess and the star, the God. But sure enough I was slammed with angry and offended emails wondering why I would shatter the image of Paganism by using something so evil as the upside down star.

However, focused on what our Ancient Ancestors would do…and On a more positive note…when the two stars are intertwined like so…

Pentacle 3 They represented the union of the God and the Goddess joining. This symbol was often used in marriages between Pagans, as in some cultures, the woman represented the Goddess, and the man, the God…so by bringing them together, they each represented the sacred union and joining of both.

This, nine pointed star has also come to mean the Tree of Life, or the moon inside the tree of life. It represents balance, guidance and inspiration. It symbolizes completion, eternity, as well as nine being a popular number in Ancient times.

From the Ancient Egyptians, to the Celts, the star was held high and kept close. from story to legend, to family crest, the star made its mark. Gawain was said to carry the pentacle as it was painted on his shield–representing Morgan. Hermetic Magicians used the star within their model of man because from Ancient to previous times, the star meant, among other things,….knowledge.

Those of law enforcement move behind that of a star. Many flags– American, Iraq, Australia, and more show stars. Why, one of the most popular decorations right now happens to be the Primitive Star. I can’t drive through a neighborhood without seeing a gazillion of them hanging on people’s homes. From Barns, to weather vanes…the star has survived the test of time…and for those who make note of them in your life, maybe they will give you a deeper meaning, now that you know some of their grand origins.


I Have a Secret

O’siyo My friends. Yes, I was gone but I found my way back to the light. I wanna sshhhare a secret and maybe get a little advice along the way.

I am pagan, yes, we established that already. But what I have come to realize is the older I can get, the more accurate my abilities are.
I have never been afraid of my abilities. It runs heavily in the women of my family. Some fight it, others hide it while I celebrate it!

I am empathic. And for those of us that don’t know what an empath is.. I will explain.
I can feel what other people’s emotions. In person, over the phone, even on the net.
A few months back I was hanging a friend’s house doing readings when she asked if I could channel the dead.
I laughed because I thought I don’t know but it would be cool.

Ever heard of the saying be careful for what you wish for?

Well, boy did I channel the dead. I connected with a friend’s dad. He is now my spirit guide.
Without going into everything let’s just say if you’ve ever seen Ghost. I turned into Whoopi and had the whole room in tears.

It scared the bejesus outta me to all honest. My mother was great. She had some abilities and the courage to learn to use them. I, on the other hand, got freaked out.
It’s weird to want to channel the dead to really hearing, feeling and seeing them. I tried to talk to a member of my family about it, but I was told never to say it again. Someone might think I’m crazy…
So, I turn to you. Am I crazy?

I think not. I think everyone has gifts it’s just a choice to learn to use them or not. This gift was scary in the beginning. I mean, folks want me to contact their families and such. I don’t know how to control it.
Because I’m empathic I feel the person and the spirit in the room. I did one channel but the room was full of people. And their loved ones were popping up like weeds. I read the whole room. I was spent afterwards.

Now that my mother and grandmother are gone, there is no one left in my family to carry on the teachings.
What do I do?
My children all have very strong abilities, but how can you control a hormonal teenager, let alone trying to teach her about Paganism.

When I open my third eye I see a sea of people waiting. It’s daunting. Because I can not control the channel I started to fear it.

I can not be afraid of who am I. So can ya pass on some advice.
How can I learn to control the channel with getting involved mentally?
Can anyone else channel? Thank you for reading. And most of all, thank you for your advice.