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Being a Rainbow Warrior

What are the 144,000 Rainbow Warriors?

You may be wondering why the shaman course I run is called Rainbow Warriors … there is a very good reason. They are mentioned in various traditions and you may already know prophecies that relate to the 144,000 Rainbow Warriors, two of them are …

  • The Book of Revelations says that “the number of the saved” is 144,000.
  • An old prophecy of the Native American peoples says “When the Earth is sick and all the animals are dying a tribe of people will come, of all colours and creeds, who will restore the Earth. They will be called Warriors of the Rainbow.”

The Rainbow Warriors are hidden in occult and esoteric lore – the word occult just means “hidden”, occluded. They are the 144,000 “petals” that hold and carry the energy within the energy centres or chakras. You learn how this works early in the shamanic training.

As we all contain the 144,000 petals – we all have chakras – we are each of us “the number of the saved”. Our purpose is to become conscious of this and able to work with it along with working with Otherworld.

The native American prophecy fairly well describes the times we are living in. Only by being conscious of our place as a vital part of the whole, and one that can – through consciousness – make a difference can we restore the Earth. Our first conscious learning is of how we are made and that we are all made of the same stuff as the rest of creation. Joni Mitchell put it rather well in her song when she said “We are stardust …”. We are indeed and Rainbow Warriors know this and work with it for the good of all.