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Sweets to the Sweet

Molasses dark and succulent

This clinging breathlessness

Too sweet in suffocation

Need comes not with claws

But drowning in syrup

Heavy on limbs and heart,

Moved to sluggish struggles,

Swimming in the thick of it.

Exhausting, unshakeable.

How to voice this treacle

Rich encumbrance of the spirit

This over-spun candy of emotion

Clinging to skin and psyche

Until, weighed down, I snap.

Even the tears are sugar coated.

This saccharine excess no feast

For a sane man.

Lick me free of sticky oppression

Turn the sweetness to salt

In honest weeping, sharp consumption

Taste the too-much in me,

You who rejected sanity

As the ultimate unreason

Eat of this biter sweetness

That we might both find relief.

A Sensuality Ritual for Valentines

I found this ritual on Pamela Neil’s website,  Dancing With Your Shadow.  She is an energy health practitioner in Tuscon, AZ and though I have never had the pleasure of meeting her, I had heard wonderful things about her work.  Her website is a wealth of information, including the following ritual.

I have done this Sensuality Ritual many times myself, and swear by it. It allows one to relax, and to take the time to honor themselves, without judgment or negativity.  Enjoy!

Sensuality Ritual

Intention: To awaken the sensuality within.

Timing: Whenever you wish–but particularly when you feel disconnected from your sexual self; before bed is an ideal time, but you can perform this ritual any time–just give yourself at least an hour and a half to enjoy it.

Ingredients: Red candle (passion), essence of ylang-ylang or jasmine (sensuality), your favorite perfume, chocolate (sensuality), a fragrant lotion, and sensuous music. Optional: silk sheets (sensuality).

Prepare this wonderful tonic to drink at the close of this ritual, which will delight your senses and unleash your nascent sensuality: Blend 1 cup of papaya juice, 1/4 cup of mashed banana, 1/4 cup watermelon juice, and 1 teaspoon cloves (optional).

Or you might prefer to mix a cup of milk with a dash of cinnamon and a splash of rose water. If none of these are available set out hot chocolate, grape juice, or a glass of red wine.

Recipe: Create a sensual atmosphere that will entice your inner seductress to come out of hiding. Find a time when no one will disturb you. Turn off the phones. Put fresh sheets on your bed–silk would be great! Turn down the lights, and light the candle. Place a few drops of the essential oil in a diffuser.
Anoint yourself with your favorite perfume, concentrating on the areas between your breasts and near your pubic bone. Lie down on your back with your knees bent and open. Begin to inhale, slowly and deeply, to the count of four; then, exhale in the same manner. Now experience your breathing as if the air were moving through your vulva. Continue until you feel these breaths connecting you to your deepest being. Let the breath flow like a river of energy. Feel the fluidity–the sensuality–and envision a passionate woman inside who wants to talk to you. Imagine that she wants to tell you about herself. Ask her questions: What kinds of clothes does she like? What are her favorite foods? What makes her happy emotionally, physically? What is her relationship with your body? How does she like to be touched? What does she want from you?

Allow this energy–which emanates from your passionate being–to infuse you. Remember this is your own creation, a part of your self, so don’t censor any words or feelings. Be open to learning.
When you’re ready, get up slowly. Run a warm bath, adding the oils of your choice. Start your favorite music, and set the candle near the tub. Let your body melt into the fragrant water, touching yourself in whatever ways feel best.

Afterward, dry off with a warm towel.  Look into a mirror, with the willing ness to see your own beauty.  Take  a few deep cleansing breaths.  When you feel relaxed and ready, look at your face in the mirror.  Just look.  If criticisms or judgments come up, acknowledge them, then let them go.  Focus on the uniqueness that is you, reflected in your face.  Look at your face and body and allow yourself to feel compassion, tenderness, acceptance and love.

Begin putting lotion on your feet, massaging it into the skin.  Say to yourself, “My feet are beautiful.” Next, massage the lotion into your legs and tell yourself, “My legs are beautiful,” and so on up the rest of your body.  When you are finished enjoying the beauty of your body, move on to your face.  Say to yourself, “ My eyes are beautiful.”  Look at your nose and tell yourself, “My nose is beautiful.”  Then your forehead, cheeks, mouth, lips, ears skin, bone structure.

When you have acknowledged your entire body, take a deep breath and look in the mirror.  Tell yourself: “ I (name) am beautiful.”  Say it over and over.  Allow yourself to bathe in appreciation of your own beauty, till you feel the tingle of love and delight throughout your body and soul.  Continue for as long as you wish.

Now, get back into bed, and drink your wonderful tonic. Sip it slowly. Let yourself feel and become that sensual woman. Fantasize, fantasize, fantasize, and immerse yourself in the feeling of hedonistic delight.

Follow-up: Spend a few moments every day appreciating the sensuality of your body. Keep fragrant oils, perfumes, and scented candles in your bedroom and bathroom.


Tonight I go hunting,

And my bite will be lethal.

A whisper in the night air,

Rustle of feathers, too quiet, too late.

A rush, dive, strike and then,

I will make my catch,

And secure my prey.


Struggle if you will, fight me,

But with the pulse of life,

Firm in my grip, you must know,

I will not hesitate to taste,

And consume my victim.


Will you tremble,

As I hold you captive?

Will you resist,

Or succumb to my will?

Will you satisfy the cravings,

Of this predator?

Appease it with flesh,

Calm it, tame it,

And pass beyond the hunted,

Into a new chase?

Would you go that far for me?


Guard your warm blood and soft skin.

I hunger, I thirst, I hunt.

My needs will be met,

In the closeness of pursuit,

Heart pounding, limbs shuddering.


This will be a night to remember.


Ritual Magic

We make our celebratory circle,

From clothes, hurriedly cast off,

Thrown aside in all directions.

Then skyclad only, we meet,

In the centre of this sacred space,

Connecting heart to heart, skin on skin.

This is the ritual of our passion,

We practice the same moves,

Honed to perfection over time,

Become poetry through repetition.

My offerings to you, with joyous lips.

Your fingered offerings to me returned.

We take each other into the depths,

Of this most ancient mystery.

The wonder of joining, of finding

Each other and losing ourselves

All over again.

Time outside of time we make here,

Space claimed from mundane use,

Transforming all into wonder.

We honour the primal rhythms,

And the gods of creation.

Divinity revealed in your lifted horn,

Goddess wisdom in my arousal.

Somewhere beyond the frenzy

Of stags in the rutting season,

After this song of reproduction ends,

There waits a place of peace

A still time, a secret time,

When neither moves nor breathes,

An infinity between heart beats.

Then my soul touches yours,

Touches all things, knows all things.

In love with all existence,

We float awhile, embracing.

The moment passes.

Perfect in its fleeting beauty.

One soul divides between two bodies.

We unmake our circle, so must it be.

Gathering up scattered clothes,

To hide exquisite skin once more,

To unweave the boundaries set

Between our world and the other one,

Between dreams and cold living.

Unfetter the power raised here,

And let it flow beyond our circle

To do as it will, as it must.

There is no other enchantment

Comparable to this, no spell,

To change my life as utterly

As you have done.