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What does a year look like?

Does it look like
Twelve coloured pictures on a wall,
And 52 pages with numbers to call?
And is it a circle divided by four,
Showing cardinal points, the elements and all?
Two lists of people come with the tide,
Of those just born and those who died.
But maybe a year’s a butterfly,
A rose, a twig, a yellow leaf,
Or shows itself as yet
Another wrinkle in my face.
It looks just like a bag of tears,
And like a secret sold.
Looks like a child, a man,
A woman, young and old.
It’s also in the many smiles,
Returned a hundredfold.
And when I pass a mirror
And catch the person’s eye,
I see that I’m the year, that I am life.

© jsmorgane (June 2010)

Self Knowledge

Strip off this mask, and all pretence

At confidence, and competence

Illusions of power and importance

Take off the guise, be vulnerable.

Pull off those clothes and trappings

Fabric of lies, proud wrappings

Relinquish fashion’s flappings

You are human underneath.

Go down to skin and honesty

The beauty of imperfection,

Down to the truth and liberty

Of owning who you are.

Release the weight of fitting in,

Conformity a heavy load,

Let go the need to be approved,

Rejoice in naked freedom.

Flay off the skin, all that is you,

The sense of self, the old, the new,

Tear away all you held true,

Let this sacrifice be brutal.

Strip away the tender layers

Identity no more than wares

Broken with tears, and with prayers

What else is there in you?

Go down to the bone, the last,

Splintering fragments of certainty.

Go further, to the heart, the guts

The entrails of your soul.

Life will dismantle you,

Journey though, and beyond pain,

Show the last spark

That is your core and essence.

Then you will know.