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Lullaby for a Slunbering God

The first murmurings of life,

Come fluttering out of emptiness,

To settle in the warm embrace,

Of the waiting, sleeping womb.

Precious flicker of existence,

Whispering secrets of springtime,

To root and bulb and waiting seed,

Hinting at what will be.

She holds you deep within her,

Nurturing with stories,

Drawn from the memory,

Of summer passed and winter gone.

Dreaming the long sleep,

Visions ghosted and fleeting,

The waking world lies distant,

Faint as mist at dawn.

She cradles you in darkness,

Safe in pregnant soil,

Stirring softly as you quicken,

Finding shape and form.

As the chill days lengthen,

The light will kiss your eyes,

Rousing the earth mother,

For the birthing of new life.

White Raven

Black frozen hills and dreaming trees,

The river passing angry swirls,

With fleeting days as darkness falls

And winter’s creeping night consumes the world.


Here the snow wind-whipped is falling,

Purest feathers clothe the earth,

The sky a wing-beat, turning, chasing,

A snow-clad goddess dances mirth.


Sleeping trees await the new year,

Cold the soil where young life sleeps,

Through the ice and tempest blowing

The Queen of Spring her vigil keeps.


Waiting for the end of dreaming,

Waiting for the break of day,

Soon the breath of new life stirring,

Melts winter’s long night away.


Riding winds and chasing weather,

Proudly she defies the night,

The snow-born maiden lifts her wings,

And turns her face towards the light.


She who rises from the darkness,

Heralding the break of dawn,

Hope after all death and sorrow,

The white raven greets the morn.