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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: September 13th: Rome By Three, Runic Half Month, And Fire of Egypt

Egypt had long names for their Holidays. Today was called, “The Festival of Lighting the Fires of Neith.” Neith was one of the Originals in the early days of Gods and Goddesses. She was a Creator, having spit into the waters, creating Apep, which happened to be an evil serpent, an arch nemesis of Ra. She was also the mother of Ra. So in a sense, she gave birth to the dark and light, creating gods who would represent light and death. The Heavens and the Underworld.

The curious thing about Apep is, the Great Serpent did not begin as a thing of evil or an enemy of Ra. While Ra was of the Sun and of light, Apep was of the Underworld. The Underworld consisted of many “Chambers”, which was represented by the Serpents body. Ra had to pass through this Underworld and it’s Chambers each time he was swallowed up by Night with the triggering of the Sunset. I think that maybe, Ra Priests misrepresented Apep and Ra’s journey by labeling the Serpent as Evil, suddenly placing some sort of fear over the Underworld. We see this often, even in Egyptian History. Priests of one God coming along and changing things up a bit to suit the image of their own God. I think the original story represents something positive and not a thing to be feared. It represents phases of life and death—the moral, Rebirth, Regeneration and Renewal. Rebirth, Regeneration and Renewal is something else the Pagan Serpent has always represented. Each time, we come back stronger.

Do you feel the strong urge to be thankful on this day? Perhaps you have been blessed with unexpected good fortunes. If so, maybe that is the Roman Ancestors living within your blood screaming out for you to take notice of all that you have – no matter how simple or complex—and give appreciation and thanks for it.

Today in Ancient Rome, they would have had a Festival for three Deities: Minerva, Juno and Jupiter. The official name was, Lectisternium. A Roman would take images of these Gods/Goddesses and sit meals in front of them because today was about having a Feast in celebration for all the things, big and small, that the Gods have blessed you with.

Today in Rune-Lore, marks the beginning of the Runic Half-Month called, Ken. Fitting, considering Egypt will be lighting fires on this day. While Egypt has nothing to do with the Culture of Runes, we do see one Civilization bleed it’s influence into the next. How? Ken is symbolized by the sacred Torch—fire. Fire which burns through the haze bringing forth enlightenment. Fire which lights a Great Hall where ordinary objects are turned into magical wonders. Do you need knowledge? Do you need to tap into your female energies and secrets? Do you need an ability or intuition? Invoke that of Ken, and may this entire half-month burn through you like a flame of eye-opening, boundless possibilities made real!


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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 14th: Physical & Symbolic Doors to New Things and Other Dimensions, New Runic Half-Month, A Son of Odin and an Epic Song of Muses

Excitingly, we have a new Runic Half-Month beginning today that our present day Pagans who follow such paths may find interesting. This one is called Dag and it will run from June 14th – June 28th. Dag means day and it stands for opening new doors to new things. Now, if I may draw your attention to the Celtic Tree Month which is going on right now that is called Duir. It’s the seventh month but more importantly, is the great Oak tree. I bring this up because the Oak was a very powerful tree according to Druid belief. An Oak was a “door” to another dimension.

So for all my living Pagans out there, maybe you may find a link between the Rune Dag, which means opening a new door and that of the Celtic Month, Duir, which is an actual door.

A bit more on Dag, as I said above, it means Day. And what does Day symbolized? Light. This is a time of shaping the coming year, of good health and a time to prosper. Throwing light on things, new opportunities, relationships….remember, opening doors does not have to be a physical action. It can also be symbolic.

Skipping off into the Ancient World, now, we take a look at one of Odin’s sons, Vidar. This one happened to stand for stealth and revenge — two things every Norseman needed at some point or another.

Now, The Norse hold this day sacred to Vidar for good reason. He happens to have a part to play in the foretold prophecy of Radnarok. See, during Radnarok, a wolf named Fenris will break its leash. The blood of Odin is on this beast’s mind. It is foretold, though, that Vadir will slay the wolf but not before Fenris kills Odin. Like any good son would, Vadir will rule earth in place of his father, or at least that’s how the story goes.

Over in Greece, it is written that Zeus has nine daughters. Each one had a talent for something — something the Greeks enjoyed immensely– whether that something was art, song, history, tragedy, comedy, dancing and so on. These women became known as the Nine Muses which was said to inspire us all. Even today, we use the term, whether we are writing or painting or doing whatever it is we do. We either claim our Muse has possessed or inspire us or, we desperately beg for one of our Muses to. If you love to pay homage to the Muses, well today is your lucky day. Wish them a Happy Birthday and maybe, just maybe, a Muse will smile down on you.

Ancient Calendar: May 29, 2010


Today we have a little bit of Rome, some apples, and some runes. What an awesome combination, hu?

The festival of Ambarvalia would have been kicking off in Ancient Rome on this day in history. It was all about Ceres and purifying their land and soil. Anyone who owned land or farms would walk behind a bull, ram, hog, or whatever three times along their property line. The purpose of this was to cleanse and bless the soils…to purify them in Ceres name.

Way back when, there was a man named Charles II who escaped from Cromwell and hid himself in an oak tree right after the Battle of Worchester. In honor of that,England made Oak Apple Day. Now while those there would look to recognize the day Charles II invaded the roundheads and restored the monarchy, celebrations of this kind flourished from a much older time. We owe it to the Druids, who had a festival honoring the oaks and the sacred apple.

Odal, a rune, symbolizes Ancestral Property, so think of that as you mark your Calendar on this day for the Runic Half Month of Odal begins.


Want more? Ancient Calendar.




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Pagan Holidays for May 14, 2010


We have a little Sun at Midnight, a little Isis, and some Runes for you on this day in Ancient History.


Our Ancient Ancestors of Norway would have been honoring their Norse Goddess of the Sun during a festival called Midnight Sun. The name alone makes me want to throw a temper tantrum that I can’t really hop back in time and check it out. Oh well, maybe I’ll take on a new pen name or run off and rename myself Midnight Sun just to raise a few brows. Or maybe I’ll save such coolness to my next incarnation.


You know it’s spring and you know it’s the time of Beltane, so of course every culture will be cramming their Goddesses of Fertility into this month.  I say they all need to stand in line (because I’m in a selfish mood) and so steps forth Isis, the lady i dig most of all.

Isis is known as the Goddess of a Thousand Names. Why? Why not, I say. She does it all from fertility, protection, magic, peace, and whatever else you have in mind. Isis is the patron of beasts and people, because no one can multitask quite like her.

So I am a bit excited today because our Ancient Ancestors of Egypt would have been holding a Festival today in her honor. (What the hell is wrong with present Egypt? Get with the program and be as smart as those who once walked those sands.)

So while present Egypt breaks my heart, Ancient Egypt would have also remembered Thoth on this great day. Because of Thoth, according to ancient calendar, he appeared with Shu, returning Tefnut to Egypt. Rock on Thoth, because we need some Tefnut, that’s for sure! After all, she—sister of Shu–the god of Sunlight—was also daughter of Atum. And having been a cool Goddess, Tefnut presided over rain and moisture. So all hail a little rain today, if it so comes your way.


And in the name of all that is fertile and fertilizing, I say we pay special attention to the Runic Half month beginning today known as Ing. Ing just so happened to be the male consort (that’s lover, baby) of the Mother Goddess of Earth. He happens to be marked by the rune of Light and while he will become alive under the passionate arms of the Goddess, he will bring to us energy and the growth of midsummer.





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