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New 5 Star Review for Bound by Blood: The Awakening

Today Jesse Fox emailed me saying, “Have you seen this yet?” Nope, I haven’t. Having a crazy day already, I clicked the link, crossed my toes, shut my eyes, and held my breath. Good or bad, this was a surprise. As for how I feel…just can’t find the words. I just know that it made my century. So thanks Jesse for giving me a shout and to Amy for a well thought out review!



C.H Scarlett has portrayed an impeccably flawless and exceptionally intricate work of fiction. The plot, characterizations and world building is brilliantly prepared and thought-out. While reading this story, BOUND by BLOOD, I experienced the intense, overpowering, passion hidden within its pages and even sensing the author’s zealous desire for her talent of writing. The penetrating attractions between the characters were overwhelmingly heartfelt. I will be looking forward to reading further books by C.H. Scarlett and will positively be recommending this story to any reader  who is interested in Paranormal, Fantasy and Erotic Fiction genres.

5 Stars


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Announcements: Changes Concerning Review Requests

Just letting everyone know a few changes we have made.


We have a new email address for those wanting a review. Please see Request A Review for the new addy. Yep, Yahell just wasn’t cutting it.

While we are still reviewing Fiction only—we have also opened up our doors to Poetry as well. One of our Part-time Reviewers Brew-Hilda has admitted her infatuation for the struggling path of the poet. She wants us to warn you however, she is and can be a tough critic.  But since she has a great love for this art, and realizes that it is very difficult for a poet to be noticed, then she is willing to help.

Movie Review: Momma Mia!

Trailers and summaries can be found HERE.

Well, I must say.. It was a lot more than what I expected! The beautiful scenery, the cast and the songs. A good mix of tears, laughter and love that will make you feel like you’re a part of the gang and enjoy every bit of this movie. Not one of the cast members let me down. It really is a feel-good movie and it made me want to stand up and sing a long. The ABBA songs are made for dancing and in this movie it reassured me. The singing and the dancing put smiles on people’s faces, and it makes you feel happy and as if all worries are gone. I certainly smiled during the entire movie. The cast members were all wonderful singers and especially the two lead actresses Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried impressed me. A well-made movie that is worth watching more than once!—taken from the link above.



I am a huge sucker for ABBA. There I said it.

I don’t know why but the music is just different and although I don’t listen to it everyday, and haven’t for sometime, when I watched the movie, why I liked it all came rushing back.


The movie is a good watch or so I thought. I caught it on TV one late night and will admit to turning it on only because there was nothing else that interested me. I didn’t regret it….I did regret not watching it sooner.


If you like movies like Greece and so forth—then you may like this one (updated of course). What I liked the best is, its not all singing. There’s a perfect balance I think of talking and then songs. The songs seem to fit what is going on as well and the characters that use them.


Basically, a mother has a hidden past. Instead of crying over her past, she bucks up and survives it. However, that past happens to have something to do with her daughter and how she became pregnant with her.

The daughter is about to get married and invites three men that could possibly be her dad. The drama, the fun, the emotion, and the zany chaos unfolds from there.

The mother, played by Meryl Streep had me thinking of my wilder days…and the age I am now. She made me think of what it would be like if I looked up some of the gals I used to run with—of course Meryl remained close with her pals.


The movie was fun…scenery was beautiful…and was a joy to watch. I will probably watch it again to lol which shocks me because I am usually a Fantasy, Horror, or Paranormal dedicated viewer and this movie is none of those.

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