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Book Review: Purr-fect Seduction by H.C. Brown


Title: Purr-fect Seduction PRIDE BROTHER SERIES BOOK ONE

Author: H.C. Brown

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Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

Genre: paranormal romance

Length – # OF PAGES: 91

Other: M/F * M/F/M * Spanking * Voyeurism

Pagan Author & Pagan Elements: No/Yes

Card Rating: — 4

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

About The Book: Jill Morfranna, a sassy redhead from New York, is enjoying a photo shoot in the Scottish Highlands

when she stumbles into an alternate realm. Trapped in a frightening world of strange creatures,

her life turns upside down when a sinfully handsome shape-shifter kidnaps her. Will she win Dare

of Knight Watch’s heart or will he trade her for his sister at the next slave auction?

The Review:

While Jill Morfranna is on a trip to the Highlands she comes across a wondrous castle that she begins to photographs. While getting a better view of the castle she stands atop the magical rocks of Morfran and inadvertently travels into another realm. There she meets Dare a gorgeous man with a great physique but he isn’t just any man, he is a shape-shifting prince. Dare is in search of his sister and intends to trade Jill for her at the slave auction. Can Jill win his trust and escape the auction block to find her way home or is she lost forever in this forgotten realm?

H.C. Brown weaves an engaging and intriguing tale of a beautiful world and its occupants. Well written and fast paced this story had me from the very beginning. Jill is a great heroine. She is smart and brave and even feels like most of us do in the real world about our bodies. Dare is one hot alpha male who is not afraid to show his softness and his love for those he truly cares about. The relationship that builds between the two is a great read and Jill’s first sighting of Dare is one hot scene. Each and every character makes an impression on the reader from the hateful Ram’s to the wonderful alpha males. It is rare that all the characters in a story call to the reader’s attention making them want to know more about them as the ones in this book do. After meeting all of the men and woman in this book I cannot wait to see who’s story comes next and what adventures they will take.

Pagan Elements: magic and fairies, Druids and magic stones

Cover (Rated 1-10): 8 nice cover that includes all the elements of the book, man, castle, and cat.


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