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Ancient Calendar: Ancient Egypt: July 12, 2010


Sokar is a funerary god of Ancient Egypt. He was drawn as a man with the head of a hawk and today, in Ancient History, Egyptians had a holiday in his honor at his temple.

Also, in Ancient Egypt, today would have been the Festival of the Estate of Ptah. Ptah happened to be the first of all Egyptian Gods and happened to be the creator of the world. Egypt is the broken and combined word–Het Ka Ptah–meaning The House of the Spirit of Ptah.

Source: Pagan Days.



Monday (moon day) is the day of the Moon Goddess, Selene, Luna, & Mani.


Mondays are an awesome day to take care of matters or magical rituals and spells concerning:

Traveling, memory, one’s instinct, sharpening or increasing Psychic abilities, dreams, healing, home, ancestors and of course, family.


Monday belongs to the Moon and the Element of Water



Pagan Holidays for April 26, 2010

The Numerology number for today is *drum roll please*…


This is an extremely harmonious number, associated with love, service, responsibility and balance. It is symbolized by the six- pointed star and linked to the planet Venus, and therefore the two signs Taurus & Libra. Its colors are pale blues, turquoises and greens.

On this fabulous Moon-day, we have two Holidays that our Ancient Ancestors celebrated in order to kick off the business week.

First, let’s peek into Classical Greece where they will be launching a grand festival for their Goddess Artemis. This lovely lady happens to be the daughter of Zeus and Latona. Now, normally myth writes her as a Virgin but I am uncertain if this means our definition of untouched or if it means ancient times definition of being simply unwed. (Something for everyone to research I suppose). Aside from that little mystery though, we do know Artemis was the twin of Apollo and classified as being a goddess of the blessed night. With her trusty bow and arrows, Artemis is famous for hunting down and slaughtering up the monsters lurking during dark hours. And did you know that one of her temples (the one located in Ephesus) is considered to be one of our seven wonders of the world?

Second, hopping the long fence into Egypt, we see their holding their own feast of the Artisan which is all about celebrating Ptah. And since Ptah created the world, the Egyptians will also be honoring Craftsmen because like their God, they do wonderful things.




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