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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 15

Today is the 2nd festival of Carmentalia which is Italy’s ancient Goddess of Prophecy. Also today is Egypt’s Feats of Entering Heaven and the Two lands.




Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 13

Midvintersblót is a Norse rite which is all about the midwinter offering. In old England and vast parts of Europe, its title is Tiegunde Day. This day is all about Tu—the mightiest and strongest of Teutonic gods (the name Tuesdays also comes from). Now just what did the Norse and everyone else do on this day? Why, they adjured the gods to let go of Winter and allow Spring to return again to the world.

Today the Runic Half-Month of Peorth Begins. Today is also known as the Ides of January, thanks to Rome and its also the Feast of Brewing amongst the Druid Traditions.


Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 12th

Leave it to the Romans to have a God for everything—including the household. Today is called the Festival of Compitalia in honor of the Gods named Lares. Strangely enough, these ‘Gods’ were actually spirits of the dead (dead ancestors, family members) who remain in the home of the family bringing blessings and protecting them. At one time it was customary to leave a plate for them in the morning and even today, we see this habit practiced by many in our times (not limited to morning meals though).


If you were one of the women who ditched the spinning wheel for Yule, then today you can pick it up again. Today is Distaff’s Day (taken after the Norse holiday I posted last week)

Speaking of the Norse, today they make sacred to Frigg who is a wife of Odin. Frigg happens to be the Goddess of the sky and even more interesting—knows our future. So if you have any divine questions concerning humanity and our fate—today would be a good day to light a candle and ask them.

Frigg also represents and stands for women and child bearing, as well as marriage. She is known for being very clever as well…being able to persuade Odin into deciding things in her favor.



Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 10

It is on this day in Ancient Egypt that Isis found the murdered face of her husband Osiris.

Osiris was murdered by his brother Set or Seth, and 72 Conspirators, according to mythology. Once Set killed him, he divided his body up and hid it in different places. One of the hardest things Isis had to do was to hunt for her husbands corpse, locating all pieces, and putting him back together again. She did this but was unable to find his penis. Making one out of clay, she managed to bring Osiris back to life with her magic in order to impregnate herself with his son…heir to Egypt…Horus.


In Welsh history, today is sacred to a 9th-century bard Garaint, also known as the blue bard of Wales.

Immortalized by Chaucer who wrote about him 500 years later, Garaint became a mythic figure who was said to have died in the last battle of King Author.


Also on this day of Egypt….the god Min will return again to Koptos—that being the main point of his cult.

Min was once portrayed with an erect phallus with an outstretched arm inserted into a ‘V’ of a flail. He was a fertility God and unlike later gods and goddesses, his only importance is that…sexual fertility….as he can give men the power to father children.




Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 9th

Today is the FORMAL celebration the Roman God Janus. Now if you read this month’s Paganism and January post, then you know Rome named this month after Janus himself. But who was he?

Well there’s the hard but easy part because like most deities, their legends and lore grow and change overtime. However, some of the earliest stories concerning this God say that he is the oldest of all and that he brought forth the sun by throwing open the Gates of Heaven each and every day. Because of this, he became the God of all passageways and doors. In fact, whenever Romans built a door, they carved dedications into it to Janus.

When drawn, just like on the Roman coin, Janus was shown as having two faces. One that looked into the future and one that looked into the past.




Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 8


There is a TON going on today in Ancient times. Who knew January 8th could be such a busy day in history.

Ok, let’s get down to it, one culture at a time, shall we?

*The Norse will be honoring their Goddess Freya. Now Freya is well loved among the Norse because not only is she the Goddess of love, and the Queen of the Valkeyries, but she also represents something even more important those those Warriors giving their lives in battle—endless rebirth.

*Now here’s something of interest and something you don’t here quite often in Pagan circles—a GERMAN goddess. Today would be the observance for Germany’s Goddess named Holda. Holda is a patron for children, household, fertility, women, domestic matters, spinning of cloth but ALSO goddess of the hunt.  Detailed legends of Holda described her as riding a large black horse with long hair flowing behind her as she would sound off her horn to begin the hunt. There used to be an expression saying, “To be taken by Holda.” which was used in medieval Germany when describing a girl or woman with long black hair.

Now what’s even more interesting is, today is called Distaff Day, an observance that sprang from Holda and spread to many parts of Europe. Distaff’ stood for the spinning wheel and more importantly, the part which held the fleece that would be spun and spun and spun into yarn.


*The Romans made this day sacred to their Goddess Justitia who stood for Justice.

*The Greeks will honor midwives on this day. Women who were of childbearing age would give gifts to those younger and of maidens.

* Last but certainly not least, today marks the Old Druidic New Year…..so happy new year to them and to those of you who walk that path.






Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 7

Lots going on in Ancient Egypt today, which happens to be one of my favorite cultures. I also think its fitting because this month is Women’s Empowerment Month here at P&P.

One thing Egypt has is very strong and empowered women. In fact, one of the things that I admired most of this culture was the fact that their women didn’t cling to any Great Gods to save them but rather took matters into their own hands and saved themselves.

We have seen a lot of Sekhmet and today is no different. Once again, because she is most deserving, she’s honored in Egypt. Sekhmet was not only testament to all women–being a strong warrior and protector, but she also brought the Dead cake and wine in the Underworld daily.

Also today in Egypt, there will be a festival of Isis. Now Isis was the Goddess of many things (why she is called the Goddess of a Thousand Names) but today she is remembered for being the Patron of Women, Children, Magic, and Medicine.

So on this day, whether you are Pagan or not, perhaps you could take some time to yourself…let your mind heal, so to speak and get in touch with your inner Goddess—the real woman that lives inside of you. Maybe you can see your children with new eyes and you’re importance to them. Remember that you are their protector and Patron. Remember that your love has the power to change the world you live in….because when it comes down to it, it is your world. Remember that magic isn’t divining tools and cauldrons but something that lives inside of you—energy. And that you can make anything happen no matter what the odds.