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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: November 30th: Skadhi, & Night of the Dead

Skadhi, & Night of the Dead

Never anger a Norse woman and if ever there was proof of that, it is Skadhi.

Today is the Observance for her and according to her tale, I would say she deserves it.

Skadhi was simply a mortal Norse woman living day to day like any other until the Gods killed her father Thjazi.

Madder than a bunch of war mongering Vikings, Skadhi grabs her weapons and marches off to Asguard with nothing on her mind but blood vengeance. Somehow or another, the Gods convinced her to let it go (obviously she was tearing some stuff up if the Gods wanted to bargain.) In return for laying her vengeance to rest, they offered her the chance to choose any God of her choice and marry him. And Odin claimed that he would made stars out of her father’s eyes…now who could resist that?

But there was a catch…

Skadhi could not see the Gods’ faces…only their feet.

So, by their feet, she chose the most beautiful…Njord.

Skadhi lived for however long with Njord but her tale did not end as his loving wife, for she longed and loved something much greater than him, and that was the mountains of her birth. So eventually, she left her God to return to the place she so loved…

But the Gods were not done with her yet. Obviously there was something very special about this woman warrior because soon after she came home, Odin came to her doorstep. She became a wife of his and gave him many sons.



Tonight is the last night of Samhain—Night of the Dead— according to our Irish ancestors. The entire month of November, starting with Samhain, belongs to the spirits of the dead. According to the Irish, tonight, the last of those nights, is unlucky to be caught wondering about.


Because the spirits of the dead know that they will have to return to the Underworld for the next 11 months. Now what would you do on your last night to party?

Why, if you were the spirits of the dead, you would join up with a bunch of fairies, cause a ton of mischief and party it up until darkness ran out.

That’s why Irish people didn’t go mucking about after dark…they didn’t want to fall into the trap of the Deads’ mischief.



Pagan Holidays for November 11th, 2009

Wednesday November 11th, 2009

Wednesday is the day of the God Woden. Woden is the Angelo Saxon God of knowledge, enlightenment, and of war.

Some say that Woden is the same as the Norse deity Odin.

Wednesday represents Mercury and the element of air. it is a good day to tend to matters and or invoke spells concerning business, communicating, debt, fear, a type of loss, money, work, education. This is also a good day to travel.

On November 11th…

The Irish celebrated Lunantishees

The Scottish celebrated Old November Day & Quarter Day

The Romans celebrated Vinalia

The Norse held their Feast of Einherjar


Today is the day that the Irish would celebrate their Observance for the Fairies called Lunantishees. These were Fairies of the Blackthorn Bushes. That meant you better not muck with or pick the Blackthorn bushes on this day, else wise you would make the Lunantishees very upset. If you defy them then they will bring down upon you horrible misfortune.


In the Old English Calendar, today was the Scottish Old Novembers Day & Quarter Day. That meant that Winter begins on this day.


Today Rome celebrated Vinalia. it was to honor Bacchus, their God of Wine.


The Norse held their feast of Einherjar on this day. This day was for the Warriors who died bravely and heroic in battle.

These warriors are expected to fight as boldly in the future battle of Ragnarok—the final battle that will bring about the end of this world so that the birth of a new one can begin.

So on this day, those deceased Warriors are awakened by the crowning of Gullinkambi. The Warriors must then fight and test each other until sunset. After which, they will be called to stand before Odin and have their wounds healed.

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Pagan Holiday for November 10th, 2009


Tuesday November 10th, 2009

Tuesday belongs to the God Mars and the element of Fire.

Mars is the God of War—

so any God of War in any other culture would probably fall under this Tuesday as well.


Tuesdays are for enemies, loyalty, protection from violence, confidence, courage, marriage.


On November 10th…

The Scots celebrated Nicnevin


The French celebrated the Festival of Reason



Nicnevin is the Goddess of the Hunt. She is also known as Nigh Nemhain, the daughter of frenzy. On this night, it is said that she rides with those who follow her through the countryside. At times, she may allow herself to be visible to those who follow her.


In 1793, the French Convention enthroned the Goddess of Reason in Notre Dame de Paris’ Cathedral. A woman named Mademoiselle Candeille, an Opera Singer of her day,  represented the Goddess. She was dressed in a white frock, a white mantle, and a red Phrygian cap. She wore a crown of oak leaves. Young women who were chosen to be her attendee also wore crowns of oak leaves.



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