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I can’t think of a better shared activity for pagan families. Walking is great exercise. For most of humanity’s history it’s been the primary mode of transport, so setting out on foot is a way of connecting to the ancestors.

Walking is cheap. Anyone who is at all mobile can do it to some degree, and there are plenty of places where those who need wheels can travel with those who do not.

No matter where you are, walking will enable you to connect with nature – even in a city, you will see birds, the sky, and plant life in ways that you can’t from a car. Walking out into rural or wilder places gives you chance to experience nature alongside family members.

Walking allows time to talk, sharing stories, philosophy and observation. It also enables you to encounter other people and have brief moments of connection. In a world where we are increasingly inclined to shut ourselves into little boxes, this human contact is essential.

Walking is green. In terms of leisure, and fitness activities, you can’t get much better than walking out of your front door and ambling about for a few hours.

The rhythm of walking is meditative, and long walks take you out of regular mindsets, create calm, ease stress, and changes perceptions.

Walking allows us moments of unexpected beauty and wonder. Shared walking deepens relationships, both in the family and with the rest of the world. Nature and exercise are good for everyone, there are all kinds of soul blessings to be found along the path. It’s worth finding a few hours every week for this, and making it part of your life, and your pagan practice.