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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: August 17th: Sacrifice of Odin & Egyptian Rituals

We are entering what was known in Norse Culture as the nine days of Odin’s Ordeal. This belief tells of how Odin sacrificed himself to himself, (there is no greater power than that of the Father of all Gods.) by piercing himself with his own spear and then hanging  from the Yggdrasil Ash Tree which blankets all of Asgard, in order to give us the knowledge of the Runes.  Odin is known for his continuous quest for knowledge. Today, the 17th is the first day and this will go on until the 25th. Odin’s nine days of sacrifice and suffering will go on until the final day. That will mark the discovery of the Runes.

It’s very much like the Christ story of sacrifice. Only, instead of washing the world clean of sin, Odin is sacrificing himself to give the world a form of enlightenment.

In Ancient Egypt, Egyptians would be going to the Temples to partake in Rituals for Ra, Horus and Osiris.