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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: November 30th: Skadhi, & Night of the Dead

Skadhi, & Night of the Dead

Never anger a Norse woman and if ever there was proof of that, it is Skadhi.

Today is the Observance for her and according to her tale, I would say she deserves it.

Skadhi was simply a mortal Norse woman living day to day like any other until the Gods killed her father Thjazi.

Madder than a bunch of war mongering Vikings, Skadhi grabs her weapons and marches off to Asguard with nothing on her mind but blood vengeance. Somehow or another, the Gods convinced her to let it go (obviously she was tearing some stuff up if the Gods wanted to bargain.) In return for laying her vengeance to rest, they offered her the chance to choose any God of her choice and marry him. And Odin claimed that he would made stars out of her father’s eyes…now who could resist that?

But there was a catch…

Skadhi could not see the Gods’ faces…only their feet.

So, by their feet, she chose the most beautiful…Njord.

Skadhi lived for however long with Njord but her tale did not end as his loving wife, for she longed and loved something much greater than him, and that was the mountains of her birth. So eventually, she left her God to return to the place she so loved…

But the Gods were not done with her yet. Obviously there was something very special about this woman warrior because soon after she came home, Odin came to her doorstep. She became a wife of his and gave him many sons.



Tonight is the last night of Samhain—Night of the Dead— according to our Irish ancestors. The entire month of November, starting with Samhain, belongs to the spirits of the dead. According to the Irish, tonight, the last of those nights, is unlucky to be caught wondering about.


Because the spirits of the dead know that they will have to return to the Underworld for the next 11 months. Now what would you do on your last night to party?

Why, if you were the spirits of the dead, you would join up with a bunch of fairies, cause a ton of mischief and party it up until darkness ran out.

That’s why Irish people didn’t go mucking about after dark…they didn’t want to fall into the trap of the Deads’ mischief.



Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: November 18th : Ardvi Sura Anahita, Sacred Prostitutes and Sex Magic


 Today belongs to Ardvi Sura Anahita

It’s an Observance

Ardvi Sura Anahita was a Goddess of Babylonian times. Her name means, “damp, strong, AND immaculate’.’

Interestingly enough, she was a water Goddess that has the power to influence the flow of water which was believed to enable life.  After all, we need water to survive, yes?

Now this also meant  she ruled over the sperm of men and of all beasts– for without that—this making up half the recipe to create life.  She is considered to be a “mother” AND a virtuous maiden.

Ardvi Sura Anahita‘s temples accepted offerings of Green Plants which represented new life as well as purity. The temples were filled with Sacred Prostitutes.

Back in the day, a sacred prostitute was an important part of certain societies. They were well kept, sacred vessels that a partner could better connect to the Goddess through and with. I kind of considered them to be Priestesses of an ancient sex magic or that’s what I walked away with when researching them.

 Through pictures and art, Anahita is usually shown driving a chariot with four horses. They represent the natural and raw forces of  rain, clouds, hail and wind.





Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: June 14th: Physical & Symbolic Doors to New Things and Other Dimensions, New Runic Half-Month, A Son of Odin and an Epic Song of Muses

Excitingly, we have a new Runic Half-Month beginning today that our present day Pagans who follow such paths may find interesting. This one is called Dag and it will run from June 14th – June 28th. Dag means day and it stands for opening new doors to new things. Now, if I may draw your attention to the Celtic Tree Month which is going on right now that is called Duir. It’s the seventh month but more importantly, is the great Oak tree. I bring this up because the Oak was a very powerful tree according to Druid belief. An Oak was a “door” to another dimension.

So for all my living Pagans out there, maybe you may find a link between the Rune Dag, which means opening a new door and that of the Celtic Month, Duir, which is an actual door.

A bit more on Dag, as I said above, it means Day. And what does Day symbolized? Light. This is a time of shaping the coming year, of good health and a time to prosper. Throwing light on things, new opportunities, relationships….remember, opening doors does not have to be a physical action. It can also be symbolic.

Skipping off into the Ancient World, now, we take a look at one of Odin’s sons, Vidar. This one happened to stand for stealth and revenge — two things every Norseman needed at some point or another.

Now, The Norse hold this day sacred to Vidar for good reason. He happens to have a part to play in the foretold prophecy of Radnarok. See, during Radnarok, a wolf named Fenris will break its leash. The blood of Odin is on this beast’s mind. It is foretold, though, that Vadir will slay the wolf but not before Fenris kills Odin. Like any good son would, Vadir will rule earth in place of his father, or at least that’s how the story goes.

Over in Greece, it is written that Zeus has nine daughters. Each one had a talent for something — something the Greeks enjoyed immensely– whether that something was art, song, history, tragedy, comedy, dancing and so on. These women became known as the Nine Muses which was said to inspire us all. Even today, we use the term, whether we are writing or painting or doing whatever it is we do. We either claim our Muse has possessed or inspire us or, we desperately beg for one of our Muses to. If you love to pay homage to the Muses, well today is your lucky day. Wish them a Happy Birthday and maybe, just maybe, a Muse will smile down on you.

Ancient Calendar: June 14th, 2010

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NOW, let’s look at what the Ancients were doing way back in the day.

And it would have been a busy one indeed…tons going on (like in my life). First, we start off with the Norse, who are seriously catching my interest here as of late. The day, according to their traditions, was sacred to Vidar, who happened to be one of Odin’s sons. Now, no god is boring in the Norse pantheon, and Vidar is no different. He stands for two very important things to any tough Viking Warrior–the ability to move about without being detected and getting even! Yep, it was all about revenge, and you know our Vikings dig that. According to Norse beliefs, when Ragnarok falls over the face of the world, the world Fenris will escape its leash and will eat Odin. Don’t fear because prophecy says that it will be Vidar whom slays the terrible wolf and will then rule the world in place of his father. Now how cool is that? Like father…like son.


It was said that today the nine Muses were born. And that tradition wouls have been celebrated by our Ancient Ancesters. In case you didn;t know, the muses were the daughters of Zeus…

Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, and Urania. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES!!!


And last but not least, mark your calendars because the Runic Half month of Dag begins on this day. Dag, being the runic symbol of light, good health, prosperity, and the wind up of the year.

Ancient Calendar: June 9, 2010

On this day in Ancient History, we have two things going on…

Sigurdsblót & Huath

In Norse history, the son of Sigmund was named Sigurd. Sigmund died in a battle with Odin. His son. though, took his shattered sword used in that battle and killed Fafnir, the Dragon. After drinking the Dragon’s blood, he then inherited the power of wisdom. Now, even though Odin and Sigmund were enemies, Odin himself came to Siggurd many times in different disguises attempting to guide his destiny onward. The Norse would have remembered him on this day and given a Festival in his honor.

The Celtic Tree Month of Huath Ends today.


Want more? Ancient Calendar.




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Ancient Calendar: May 30, 2010


One more day and it’s good-bye May. Who’s ready?

Ok, got some Norse stuff for you to all learn today. Ever hear of the Einherjar? Well, if you haven’t, no worries because while today was an Observance all for them, we will be broadening our minds at the same time. And since they happen to have a hand in a little something that interests me—battle of Ragnarok—then away we go!

The Einherjar are Warriors who were once living until they died as heroes during battle. Norse men and women were something fierce and they held those who held a sword very high. They didn’t fear death, they just feared dying without having a good one. And a good one came from being in battle, neck to neck with an enemy.

The Einherjar, though, will aid Odin come the great battle of Ragnarok, which is said to be the very thing that brings about the end of the world. They train daily, eat and drink their fill in Valhalla and await for the great battle of the final destiny of all Gods to come.

However, on this particular day in Norse history, they will be honored. Awakened by the crowning of Gullinkambi (A rooster), they will then test each other by battling until sunset. After which, they will be brought to the side of Odin, where all of their wounds will be healed.

Greece will be having two sacred days dedicated to Hecate. These days were even observed in Rome during Republican times.

Ma’at shall be taken to Ra in Ancient Egypt’s calendar.


Want more? Ancient Calendar.




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Ancient Calendar: May 22, 2010


Norse Desktop Wallpaper by C.H. Scarlett. Click for larger version to save and enjoy! Woman by Royo! I SO STALK the art of Royo!


Ok, so do ya dig the Norse wallpaper? If ya do, then maybe you will dig some cool Norse History or Legend . It all starts with a Scandinavians (Norse)King named Ragnarr Lodbrók or Ragnarr Lodbrok (This day belongs to him) who may have or may not have existed.

The cool thing about Ragnarr is that he claimed he was a direct descendant of Odin. Hey, it could happen! However, I am guessing that that’s where the whole doubt as to whether or not he even existed kicked in. I mean, you’re real until you claim to be the son of a God/Goddess…after that, you are on your own MR!!!

Any who, Ragnarr lived in the 8th or 9th century and had a bit of a worry concerning his sons. See, he didn’t want them to out do him with better adventures, which meant Ragnarr set out his entire rule attacking any country he could set his sword on. Ragnarr became such a thorn that the only way his prey could get him off their back was to pay him off in Gold. (Was this the first real Soprano?) Unfortunately, just because he wasn’t one to play around, he’d attack again even after he’d been paid.

It is even said that he attacked Paris and captured the entire city in the year 845 and held it up for ransom—a sum total of seven thousand pounds of silver. Legend says King Aelle defeated him in Northumbria during the same year.

The Greeks will be having an Observance for their Goddess Selene, who is of the moon. Usually followed by that of women, she also stood for hunting and the chase.

Today would have been the fourth day of Callynteria in Classical Greece. See Ancient Calendar: May 19th.


A little announcement. Yes, Ancient Calendar is the same as Pagan Holidays. I just thought this title might be a bit more accurate. We also have our own page, located Ancient Calendar.




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