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Why is Sex so Offensive to Some?

As soon as I read this article in my local newspaper, ‘Ill. Prof. Apologizes for Sex-Toy Demonstration,’ I knew it would be perfect for this column.

A Northwestern University psychology professor had to apologize for allowing a couple to demonstrate the use of a sex toy during a discussion of sexual fetishes.

First off, this is a class of college age students enrolled in a human sexuality class (so what do their parents think they are learning?). And second, this was a voluntary discussion so the young adults (note: not elementary school age) were there because they chose to be and the professor warned them it would be graphic.

Of course, this has upset alumni and parents who complained about the demonstration.

Why? What is so wrong about sex that some people get so offended? European countries seem to be more relaxed about sexuality than the United States. Sex is a natural human act. Isn’t it more harmful to make people think that if they are interested in sex that they are somehow dirty, shameful and deviant?

I gotta love Professor J. Michael Baily’s closing comment—He said his critics have not made a compelling case as to why they object to this demonstration. He said he would give them an ‘F’ if he were grading their arguments. Apparently, the ones offended by the sex toy demo can’t even explain why.

Go figure.


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