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Pagan Holiday for April 19, 2010

Greece would be having a Feast for their Goddess Hecate today in the Ancient calendar. She rules the night and underworld. She also represents all things which brew during dark hours including love and passion.


Today is the 8th day for the Goddess Ceres, during the Roman festival of Cerealia.

Pagan Holidays for April 5, 2010


Check out our Pagan Artist of the month Margaret Shaffer.

Ok, who’s ready for some Pagan Holidays? If you are, let’s take a look back in time and see what our Pagan Ancestors were celebrating…

Monday, April 5th



On our fabulous Moon-day, Rome will kick things off with the second day of their festival of Megalesia, which is in honor of their Mother Goddess named Cybele.

Lets not forget Fortuna, who shall make this day sacred also for her. Toss in the Nones of April and we have a full day ahead.

But hold on, don’t dare count Greece out, whom I have found through doing these love to rub stiff competition where Rome is concerned. Expect nothing less for they will be having their own festival in honor of Charites who you may have read about by the ever-so-popular name ‘The Three Grace’. Their names were: Euphrosyne–standing for joy, Thalia–standing for blooming, and Agiliaia–for radiance. Still unsure who these fabulous ladies are? Well they were also known to live with the Muses. . . inspiring artists, musicians, and poets.

Pagan Holidays for December 7th, 2009


Tom Brown is our Pagan Artist of the Month

Click the link to learn more! His fabulous art works out very well since this is our Paranormal December!

Pagan Days for Monday, December 7th, 2009


Monday (moon day) is the day of the Moon Goddess, Selene, Luna, & Mani.


Mondays are an awesome day to take care of matters or magical rituals and spells concerning:

Traveling, memory, one’s instinct, sharpening or increasing Psychic abilities, dreams, healing, home, ancestors and of course, family.


Monday belongs to the Moon and the Element of Water


Moon Phase


65% of Full

Banishing, Casting out addictions, illness, or negativity

Get ready folks because you have a Dark Moon coming up on the 12th. *sighs* I just luuuuuuve Dark Moons.


Now today’s Pagan Day is sponsored by our fabulous Bryn Colvin—who is spooking you all with delight with her fabulous articles this month on the Paranormal. SO after she kicks up back in time to see what the ancients are doing, go check out her true tales.


Today is the Greek Observance for Haloia of Demeter. Now, if you remember, we already covered Persephone and I even threw down the 411 on her love drama from way back in the day. Well Demeter, if you recall, is her momma and also the one that turned the seasons upside down mourning for her baby when she was abducted by sex-a-luscious Hades.

Demeter is the Greek’s Goddess Mother of all things. If you would like to read more about her, click the Wikipedia link and explore!

That’s all for today my awesome Pagan and non-Pagan peoples! I am off to read Bryn’s latest Paranormal tale, Living with Ghosts !

C.H. Scarlett