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Magical Moon: June 12th, 2016

868a771cc1ec73cb1ff3eca651fcb9caOn June 12th, 2016, the night sky will gift us with a First Quarter Moon that is also known as the Waxing and Maiden Moon.

During this time, the Moon shall bloom from dark to full and it is a great time for magics of increase.

This means, this is a great time to invoke growth and new things.  Focus on bringing forth positive blessings into in your life, like luck and love.

Focus on the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. She is young, energetic, determined, fearless, renewed and full of life. She is just experiencing things for the first time, getting a sense of herself and of all things around her. She has a sense of unattached freedom and yet, she can feel her connection to nature as it flows vivaciously through her.

Ancient Calendar: May 24, 2010

Morgana_smallArtist Russelle Westbrook

Our May Artists of the Month

Our Celtic Ancestors (and many of present day) will be or would have been celebrating a festival for the Three Mothers–Maiden, Mother, Crone. Known to our Ancient Celts as Matres or Matronæ. The three aspects of the Goddess was very important in many cultures. She represented seasons, the phases of women and of the Goddess herself, and of the earth. For those honoring her (in the past), she promised prosperity and a full harvest.

Alchemists will be honoring and remembering Hermes Trismegistrus today. While his story might be a bit shadowy and mysterious, he was said to have written many works on Egyptian magic, alchemy, etc. Some believed he was the reincarnation of Thoth, while others later referred to him as Hermetica. Although Hermes said himself to have written 42 volumes of his great works, many believe they were destroyed in the horrible fire that burned the Library of Alexandria down. Others claim that the books are buried in the Egyptian desert somewhere. Although the originals seem to remain unfound, many versions or copies have surfaced over the years.

Greece would have had a festival for Artemis on this day in Ancient History. A true Goddess of Night, also being the daughter of Zeus and Latona.

Here’s hoping you all enjoy your Moon-day! it’s my oldest son’s birthday today, so I will be honoring him. Fourteen and dreaming of being a rock star, I think I’ll have my hands full…….. as I live out the Mother aspect of my life.

A little announcement. Yes, Ancient Calendar is the same as Pagan Holidays. I just thought this title might be a bit more accurate. We also have our own page, located Ancient Calendar.




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The Time of the Crone

I have always been fascinated with the changing seasons and this time of year is my favorite. Fall leads into winter, bringing longer days of darkness. I do not know why, but this is the most inspiring time for me to write.

Fall and winter belong to the Crone, the darker aspect of the Goddess. There are three faces to the Goddess, mirroring the three phases of the moon. There is the Maiden (new moon), Mother (full moon) and Crone (old moon). The Crone has always been my favorite and she comes in many different disguises of Hecate, Badb, Cerridwen, Atropos and The Cailleach. She has many other names as well in different cultures, but she is always the one who has the power of prophecy, she is wise, she is the bringer of death, of change and of cleansing. She is associated with the winter months because those are the months when the earth rests and readies for spring. She is feared by most, but respected by all. The raven, crow and wolf are her animal guises.

Though she is a goddess of death, she is necessary to the fabric of life. Without death, we can have no life.

The Cailleach (veiled one) is the center of my trilogy titled Dark Goddess. I chose her because she is known in Ireland and Scotland, which corresponded with the settings of my story. She is one of the oldest goddesses who personifies the cutting winds and harshness of the northern winter. She is usually an old hag, but there are Irish myths that show her as a beautiful young maiden. In legends, she appears to the hero as a hideous old woman to test his heart for kingship. The one who kisses the old hag is rewarded—she changes into a beautiful maiden and bestows sovereignty on him.

There are many stories about her, but the one I focused on is the legend of The Cailleach and Brigit. The Cailleach ruled in the winter months and Brigit ruled in the summer months. The part that interested me about this legend is that they may have been two different faces of the same goddess. I decided to write a story using that theory and what may have caused that to happen.

In my trilogy, the Cailleach’s destiny is entwined with that of an Irish clan and goes back to the battle between the Milesians and the Tuatha de Danaan of ancient Ireland. She makes an appearance in the first two books, but the third book of the trilogy (Winter’s Requiem) belongs to the Cailleach. It has just been contracted with Awe-Struck and should be out sometime in 2010.


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Time for the Crone!

Seasons are changing, the air growing colder and crisp, and we are entering into the time of year ruled by the Crone Goddess. The Crone is the aged Goddess archetype, a symbol of wisdom and magick. She is the Divine aspect which helps us during transitional periods – and autumn/winter is the prime time for these types of workings. The sun goes to rest, and darkness prevails; this change signals the time to let go of the ideas and situations which no longer serve us, to allow them to be transform into prosperous and useful things.

To connect to the power of the Crone, journal these questions and answers:

* What has been my most magickal experience to date? (an experience or situation which showed you the power of Goddess/God/Spirit)

* What relationships do I need to change in order to be whole?

* Make a list of the things you currently fear. Whether it is something in the physical world, spirit realm, or in your psyche, it all belongs on this list. When are finished, examine your answers one by one. Ask yourself, and/or the Crone where this fear springs from. Write the answers down as they come.

The Crone lives inside each of us; She is our inner wisdom and holds the answer to all of our questions. Sit in a meditative silence, with the aid of a dark blue of black candle to connect with Her. Burn an earth scented incense. Ask the Crone what it is you need in order to live to your highest potential.


Brandi Auset