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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays : December 1: Poseidon, Cromniomancy, Kalends of December


On December 1st, our Ancestors celebrated:

Poseidon, Cromniomancy, Kalends of December


Today in Ancient Greece, there will be a festival for their God Poseidon. Now I am sure you have all heard about him whether it was a movie or other…but in case you didn’t know, he happens to be the Big Daddy of earthquakes, the sea, AND rebirth.

Now, Poseidon has a palace under the ocean located near Aegae. In art or even the movies or cartoons that portray him, he carries a three- pronged, fork- like Staff, called a,  Trident. You can see an image of that in the picture above.

Poseidon has a good and bad side (finally someone like the rest of us). He was known to cause storms and shipwrecks, but he also brought about the wind that filled the ships sails. See…a little good and bad.

Now since the Greeks are holding a Festival in his honor today, it will not be a boring one, I can tell you that. Poseidon happened to be one of the most loved Gods. So today, we will see horse-races, games, other types of races, and even some bull fights. And that’s not even talking about the huge Feast itself that will probably have more food and wine than I have seen in a lifetime.

Oh and if that’s not enough…in Greece and in some other Pagan Cultures, we may see a strange form of divination happen on this day as well. It’s called Cromniomancy and it was performed by young women. By divining and reading the layers and or sprouts of an onion, she will be able to see the identity of her future husband, among other things. Again, strange but to our Ancestors…not so very strange at all.

Today also marks the Kalends of December in Rome.