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Ancient Calendar: Festivals, Gods, Goddesses–Oh My!: July 7, 2010

We have bunches of stuff going on today—which happens to be a FABULOUS WEDNESDAY, or so I’m hoping it will be for everyone reading this.

For anyone interested…

Wednesday is the day of Woden.

Woden is the God of knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom, & war.

Some believe Woden is also Odin—God of the Norse.

Matters & Magical Workings For Wednesday

Today is a good day to deal with matters or rituals and spells concerning anything business. Or perhaps some sort of communication. Maybe debt—something we all have these days, or what about  fear and or possibly loss? Matters or magic concerning money, or work, some type of travel. And then there’s education.

Planets and Elements

Mercury and the element Air



Now, let’s get down to the A.C., shall we? Because on this day in Ancient History, our ancestors were checking off a lot.

Remember last week when we spoke of a two day festival that Rome would be having….where a slave saved the day with her brilliant idea? (The link to that post will be at the bottom of this article in case you want to revamp the brain cells.)

Anyway, in short, the story went, that Rome was defeated by Gaul, and the victors had big plans for the defeated. In fact, Gaul demanded that all of the women of Rome be given over to them to do WHAT we can just imagine or wouldn’t want to. About to obey this order, a Roman slave stepped up to the plate named Tutula. And she offered a better suggestion. Instead of sending the Noble ladies of Rome off to their enemies, why not dress up the slave girls to look like Noble women and SEND THEM. And the Romans did, but not without further plots and plans.

Once inside the camp of Gaul, the slave women did their thing by making the soldiers happy and very, very drunk. Once they were passed out, Tutula gave the signal to the Romanc soldiers hiding off in the darkness. They attacked and became the victor.

So because of THAT night, because of what Tutula did, today would have been known as Nonæ Caprotinæ–the second of two festivals had. Tonight’s festival would be honoring the Goddess Juno. However, the Romans would have also had another festival on this day that was important to Harvests, called Consulia, honoring the god of the earth, Consus.

Interestingly enough, and making a lot of sense, Consus’ alter which stood at the Circus Maximus was kept covered with earth all year long except for the three days. After uncovering it today, they would have had great fun–chariot races, a Roman festival of Handmaids, or otherwise known as the maid’s day out, and many other celebrations to make the people of Rome very, very happy and to honor a God which Rome depended on for food, etc.

Also in Roman calendar, today would have been the Nones of July.


On other notes, the Celtic tree month of Duir ends today. (Check back tomorrow to find out which tree month begins!)


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