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Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 28, 29, 30, 31



January 28—Thursday:

I am gaining new respect from the Norse and today is only once more shining example as to why. They are celebrating something called Upelly-Ah.  Scottish folk adapted this from the Norse, which means it will be going on in both cultures.

So what is it? Well it marks the end of Yule and what better way to do that with a huge slam dunk of a celebration? But you must do it right! And in order to send Yule off good and proper, a rowdy march must be sported through the town while carrying torches and a Viking Longboat through it’s streets. Afterwards, we will thrust the boat into the sea and burn it. (We have all seen that one in movies one form or another). Now the huge fire from that represents the old, dead year which has come to pass.

Less not forget that today is also the Runic Half Month of Elhaz—or rather its beginning.

January 29—Friday:

*sighs* what the Romans are doing today maybe something we need in our own day and age. the 29th marks their grand Festival of Peace. Dedicated to the Goddess Pax AND the Greek Goddess Eirene—both being deities of the same desire—PEACE. Pagans, I say light your candles this day and pray to either of these lovely ladies if Peace is in deed your wish for our crumbling world. Stir up some energy and manipulate something.

January 30—Saturday:

Well, now that the ‘whole’ peace issue is dwelt with, how about some fresh partying? Today happens to be the Festival of Sementivae Feriae in ROME. The whole shebang is to honor Ceres, their goddess of agriculture. Also Demeter in Greek minds, having been adapted into Rome during 496 BCE after suffering a brutal stretch of famine there.  During that bought of starvation, the Sibylline Oracles prophesied to Rome that the Goddess was urgently needed. Listening, she was embraced by the Roman people, but particularly worshipped by women in the way most Goddesses are—her rituals and rites kept secret to women so that Historians were unable to record them.

While Rome is insuring bountiful harvest, Egypt is celebrating the Day of Opening the Doors at Karnak. Karnak being something like the suburbs of Thebes and capital of Egypt itself. Many, many Pharaohs added their own touch to the temple at Karnak.

January 31—Sunday

Wishing January goodbye on this day….universally and by path of ancient, while the Eve of February or Eve of Imbolc, is among us and so is the Imbolc Festivals (ancient and new). Imbolc also known as Brigantia, spawns from the Irish definition ‘in the belly’ pertaining to the pregnancy of ewes.

This celebration will take place tomorrow between the Observances of Yule and the blessed vernal equinox. Our focus, as our ancestors focus, will be on the COMING OF LIGHT and the longing of days which comes about during spring. I say bring it on, bring it on….I am so over Winter.

Now interestingly enough, the Norse is stirring things up again, making today sacred to the Valkyries and Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld, who are said to sit by Urd’s Well under a Yggdrasil tree while determining the fates of men and gods.

But in Greece, we have a feast for Hecate—the Goddess of Night, the underworld,  of love and passion.  I adore Hecate.


Interested in the days of the week?

Thursday belongs to the deity Thunor, also known as Thor, who is the God of Agriculture and Thunder.


Thursday are Great for Dealing with Matters or Magical Spells & Rituals Concerning:

Passions & Desires—what do you want in your life?

Political Power—you can influence this for yourself or for what you desire on this day.

Speculating & Gambling—someone have a problem? Do you need help or luck?

Legal Matters, Treaties, Oaths—today is a great day to deal with these.

Harvests—perhaps you buy your food and this doesn’t;t matter to you but today you could make sure someone else has a good harvest. Maybe you could see to it that they have a meal for Thanksgiving?


Thursday represents The Planet Jupiter and The Element of Fire


Friday belongs to Frigga or Venus—Goddess of Love and Transformation.


Fridays are excellent days to deal with matters or magical spells & rituals concerning…

Family life, friendship, growth, harmony, love, romance, passion.


Planets & Elements

Venus and the element of Earth


Saturday is the day of Seatere, Seater, Saturn, and Loki—trickster of the Norse Culture.


Saturday is a good day to deal with matters and or invoke magical spells concerning:

A Gift of some sort, and or maybe something to do with your property?

Are you moving your home? Is someone else moving their home? Do you have matters concerning the elderly and or maybe you need to work on self discipline?


Remember that Saturday belongs to Saturn and the Element of Earth.



Sunday is all about the Sun God Hellios, Apollo, Ogmios and, Mithras or Phoebe: The Sun Goddess


Sunday is a good day to deal with matters or magic concerning:

Your creativity—or be creative. Maybe someone else? How about matters of hope or personal money issues? What of victory, anything agriculture, perhaps healing, or a career? Do you have or need ambition and or most importantly, self confidence?


Sunday represents the Sun and the element Fire.



Wishing everyone a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

C.H. Scarlett


Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 9th

Today is the FORMAL celebration the Roman God Janus. Now if you read this month’s Paganism and January post, then you know Rome named this month after Janus himself. But who was he?

Well there’s the hard but easy part because like most deities, their legends and lore grow and change overtime. However, some of the earliest stories concerning this God say that he is the oldest of all and that he brought forth the sun by throwing open the Gates of Heaven each and every day. Because of this, he became the God of all passageways and doors. In fact, whenever Romans built a door, they carved dedications into it to Janus.

When drawn, just like on the Roman coin, Janus was shown as having two faces. One that looked into the future and one that looked into the past.




Ancient Calendar & Pagan Holidays: January 1


There is a TON of stuff happening in the Ancient World today!

Kalends of January!!!!

Not only are we (in our time) celebrating New Year’s Day but so are the Greeks who hold this day sacred to Zeus and Hera. Now while New years day is all about them, in Rome, it’s all about Jupiter & Janus. Yep, party in both Greece & Rome today which will probably leave us hung over for the rest of the year knowing them.

For more on Jupiter and Janus—for whom the month of January was named after, check out our post : Paganism: The Month of January

Now by passing Greece for a second, did you know that today is also sacred to Fortuna—the Roman Goddess of Women, Fertility, & fortune? That’s right…today in Rome, offerings will be made to Fortuna and isn’t that fitting since the theme for The Pagan & the Pen this month is all about Women? So let me lay my offering down now so that Fortuna will bless us with an enlightening and empowering month for our sacred female readers.

Now while they are partying down in Greece, and you KNOW they are, this month—what we know as January—was known to them as Gamelia. All sorts of things happened today from celebrating marriages, getting married, honoring a death or a past love one to games, sports, and whatever else. Whatever went down today in Greece was especially blessed on this day. SO it was a great day to plan a wedding or even give birth.

Now to make it all even more magical….the Greeks will also hold an observance for Moirae—the three Fates. How interesting that all three FATES would be included on this day…a day that marks the beginning of a New Year.

So we honor Clotho, whom spins the threads of our lives, and Lachesis, whom gives apportions to the time we have on Earth, and Atropos, whom chooses the moment to cut the thread of life.

It makes me think of the article I wrote recently during our Paranormal Month of December called :

Shadow Spider, Astral Spider Lore


Paganism: The Month of January


Coming Moons for January 2010

Last Quarter – January 7

New Moon – January 15

First Quarter – January 23

Full Moon – January 30

January is considered Winter’s second month. Sometimes called ‘The Gate of the New Year’ and or ‘The Coming of the Dark’.

It’s the reference to the Gate that interests me the most. Since January marks a New Year and many customs celebrate the beginning of new things then it makes sense to me.

After all, January stands for Janus, the Roman God of Gates. He was called ‘God of the Gateways’, or ‘of the journey’ or ‘of the doorways’. He was protector of the Gate of Heaven (which at times symbolized the Goddess) and the Lord of New Beginnings. He is often associated to the Goddess Janus and or Juno.

The month of January also symbolized many other forms of the Goddess such as Hera, Freya, Hopi, Venus, and many others.

What does a Gate represent to you?

Here we are in the depth of Winter—the darkness—when the Goddess sleeps as so does the seasons and world. It was during the Winter Solstice that she brought forth the light…her son…the Sun– promising that all would be reborn and would begin again.

So it’s fitting that January would represent Gates, New Beginnings, New Journeys & Doorways, don’t you think?

In other forms of Paganism, January was known as the Wolf Moon.


Moon – January Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. Thus, the name for January’s full Moon. Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule. Some called it the Full Snow Moon, but most tribes applied that name to the next Moon.

January belongs to

***The House of Capricorn***

(December 20 – January 20)


***The House of Aquarius***

(21 January – February 18)